09 July, 2010

Today I heart....

....this gorgeous drawing by Amilka selling on Etsy. As someone who spent years and years drawing to get a place in Art College and then another 5 years drawing nearly everyday, its a huge pity I didn't keep it up! I'm at the point now where my drawing skills are (in my eyes) quite poor, and to think I qualified as an Art Teacher five years ago. I dread the thought of having to walk into a classroom now and try and teach a student how to draw! however I'm sure that if I put some effort again and took it up, I wouldn't be long improving those skills!......maybe it could be a task for the weekend....I might even enjoy it! :)

What are you plans for weekend everyone? I plan on doing very little outside of the house, instead I'm locking myself away into the studio (or least I'm going to try to!). A friend from home is currently in lovely Limerick on her holidays so hopefully we'll squeeze in a drink or coffee!

Have a happy weekend, I hope the rain doesn't dampen your spirits!

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