28 March, 2010

Eeek Excitment!!!

ok ok ok, I'm crazy excited about something but I can't relly reveal it JUST yet.....JUST incase it doesn't work out! But lets just say I was contacted out of the blue about something BRILLIANT!!.....I'll reveal all in a few days once everything is finally organised! yippeeee...fingers crossed and all that! :)

23 March, 2010


mmmmmmm is all I can say to this image! I just love it! so simple and so pretty! :) I found it here

22 March, 2010

The Crafty Market - Dublin

It appears it's my lucky week! Some new and exciting orders have flown in and today I got an email from The Crafty Market organisers saying I have a spot at the April 4th market. It's taking place on Easter Sunday in Dublin and quite possibly may not be as busy as in previous months but I think it's important to get out there, meet people and get a feel for selling and most importantly see what other great things people are creating and selling. I've included one of the photos from their website - hope they don't mind!

My mother from Dundalk has offered her services for the day and she's pretty good at selling and warming to people so I'll have to get her a cuppa tay and a bun for her help. Mostly likely she'll tell me I can pay her back when I make my first million!!

Hope to see you and other etsy sellers there!! Will be great to be faces to the names! If you fancy going, just hop on to the crafty market website for info and opening times.

21 March, 2010

Custom Order - done and dusted!

Whooo, first big custom order done and dusted and ready to be purchased on etsy! Yea!! and on a more positive note I got an email today from a friend asking me if I would be interested in creating the Thank you cards for their wedding! A really big order of around 80 cards! There'll be long nights ahead!

18 March, 2010

St Patricks Day - how was it for you?

I would love nothing more than to say that my St.Patricks Day was spent drowning the shamrock, singing a few tunes and catching up with friends like in previous years but unfortunaley that was not to be the case.....some of you may know that I look after a student village here in Limerick and my day was spent watching them.....like...a....hawk!! The drinking went too far and chaos soon followed! I won't spare you all the unsightly details but lets just say I've had better days!

On a more positive note, I am running off to Dublin tomorrow to get some supplies for the newer side of my business...invitations! As the gospel according to LuckyRainbowDesigns starts to spread people are asking me for wedding invitation samples etc and I've none!! I bought some supplies in Limerick but was really unhappy with the paper quality etc - so after some research I found Papertree in Dublin and I really feel that I need to look and feel the product rather than buy online straight away! I'm staying with friends tomorrow night and I'm sooooo looking forward to some girly chat and putting my feet up with a glass of nice vino!! mmmmm!

My friend with whom I'm staying with is also getting started on making my website....oh the excitment!! I cannot wait for you all to see it!! Claire really is a talented person on all things digital media! I'll post the links up as soon as its live! :)

Have a great Friday everyone! :)x

15 March, 2010

Running & Getting Fit

....I've done something crazy! I've only gone and signed myself up for a 10k run in 6 weeks time! It pretty much boils down to the fact that I've been a right lazy lump for a couple of months and now I'm feeling all gloopey and bloated and down-right ICK!!!!....so I said "something has to give!"

My good friend Pat has been roped in and we started training together running around the UL campus where I live, and I have to say this evening I feel on top of the world!! Watch out there's an olympic athlete in the midst! :)


....Whooo its been a good start to my Monday!! My custom order has been confirmed! yippeee!! Time to get cracking on it this evening.

However I was hoping my business cards would arrive today - still no sign!!! :( - Thats what I get for choosing the slow delivery option!

I also have new stock up in my Etsy Shop today - have a peek please! :)

14 March, 2010

The Sky's the Limit!

I love this card so much I think I might just send it to myself! or would that verge on being very sad??? hmmmmmm

Maybe I could stick it up on my office noticeboard to give me inspiration each day or to remind myself to keep going! Ideas on a postcard please :)

P.S - Its one of my newbie designs! Enjoy!x

Custom Order!

An old friend of mine from Dundalk recently contacted me out of the blue to ask if I would be interested in creating some Thank you cards for her. She and her boyfriend have just built the most beautfiul house in Mayo, so she wanted some cards with her new house on the front. "No problem!" I said and stepped up to the challenge.

I created two types of cards for her and both are different sizes. The cute Lavender card measures 10 by 10 inches while the larger card measures 13.5 by 13.5 inches. I have to say I'm quite pleased with the results, I always get a little nervous when making custome orders just incase it's not what they want!! SHe hasn't decided which one she likes yet, but hopefully I'll get the nod of approval either way!

13 March, 2010


......I have been an awful blogger of late, the reason? I'm just so busy these days! I took upon myself to take up lots of evening classes and courses this year to the point where my evenings are not spent lazing in front of the TV but in a dash from one place to the next creating cards for many a customer in between!!! eekkkk, I need a holiday! (I wish!)

However, this weekend, my focus is on updating everything and everyone!I plan on creating lots of new stock for my etsy shop, I'm quite excitied about it all! and even though its the day before Mothers Day here in Ireland, I am still getting requests from last minute son's and daughters! I on the other hand, was a very good daughter and sent mine off to my mum on Thursday! :)

Stay tuned as batman would say for some serious updates! :)

04 March, 2010

Sneaky Peek

Heres a sneaky peek at my new business card!!! ooooh I feel like a proper business woman now!!! Where's the postman, I want them in my hand now! :)

03 March, 2010

Sniff Sniff...Cough Cough!

Ugh Ive been struck down with a nasty cough and cold!!! so I'm having a very "I'm feeling sorry for myself" day.....these days for me involve zero motivation, moaning about being sick, copious amounts of choclate and zero amounts of anything that is good for you!!

However I did pull myself together so that I could design some business cards! Yea!! they're on order at the moment, so fingers crossed they arrive real soon as so many people have been asking for them! Cant wait to see the finished product!

Apologies for being a poor blogger of late!!! I have lots of new stuff for you all to see in the coming days! :)
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