29 September, 2009

The Noel Collection - Christmas 2009

Yes, yes, yes I know you don't want to hear the 'C' word, but we all know that those who prepare well for the 'C' word tend to have a stress free (I'm just going to say it!) Christmas!! and with this in mind I have launched the first of my first ever Christmas Card Collections. The Noel Collection takes traditional colours and uses them to cream bright, colourful and thoughtful Christmas cards which you can send to your loved ones all around the world!

Remember, if you're looking for a particular card or wish to have something specific created for you, then look no further! LuckyRainbowDesigns is here to help and ensure that you get the perfect card you're looking for!! Be sure to email me (luckyrainbowdesigns@gmail.com) to get those Christmas orders in soon!

17 September, 2009

I'm only new!!!

So while blogging has been around for what seems like centuries, I can safely and proudly say with my arms waving high in the air..."I'm only new!!!". Just like your first day on the job when you break the copier the trusty and fool proof sentence of "I'm only new" can literally save you and all is forgiven!

With this in mind, if i make a huge blogging error and I'm cast to the digital hell depths of the blogging world...well then I shal be shouting "I'm only new!". (followed by..."and I'm only human!"......hmmm wonder how long I can get away with that!)
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