31 January, 2010

More Followers Please! :)

A big hello to my lovely 10 followers!! I love you all, however I'd love to have more, more, more of you all!! :)

Is there a lovely blogger out there who has any tips about how to increase your followers or perhaps how to get your name out there in the big, fun world of t'internet! :)

Love is in the air!!!

Valentines Day is fast approaching and while many of you (I'm guessing the men out there) probably hate the thought of trying to think of something romantic to keep the misses happy, I'm happy to say that i quite like the occasion! Actually I'm a hopeless romantic and usually go to all ends to make the evening special for my other half!!.....so with that in mind, LuckyRainbowDesigns has come to save the day and take the agony out of walking around packed shops looking for that extra special card that says 'I Love You!'. If you are interested in purchasing (and I hope you are :)), please contact me via my blog, facebook page or via luckyrainbowdesigns@gmail.com - it would be great if all orders are in by February 11th to allow sufficent time for posting so that your special person won't be dissapointed!

P.S - I've been awful at posting lately!! I'm back on track now, I promise! :)x

09 January, 2010

I heart rainbows!

Before all the crazy weather and talk of the "BIG FREEZE", Ireland used to have quite alot of rain.....and when the sunshine came out during the rain, we were graced with beautiful rainbows! Since I go my new camera, my misson is to try and photograph as many as possible!

This little beauty was taken outside my work place in the University of Limerick!

Enjoy! :)x

03 January, 2010

I love card making days!

Today is my last day off before I head back to the 9-5.30 grindstone that is work!! In fact I'm kinda of looking forward to going back, I need a little bit of routine in my life...don't we all? However no sooner will I be back and I be wishing for Friday night to come so I can run straight back into my messy craft room.

But for now, let me share with you some more of my creations, all of which can be used for the 2010 Valentines season! (yes I said it...one holiday is over and us card makers are planning the next!)

Hope you enjoy! Those of you who wish to purchase can contact me at luckyrainbowdesigns@gmail.com xxx

02 January, 2010

New Designs for 2010!!

Today was a mammoth day for blogging, but I do infact have some new work to show you all! I also have some new supplies on the way, I'm praying for a delivery on Monday!

Check out these new fun and cute cards which of course can be amended for any occasion. I love them so much that I ve decided that I will be posting one to those of you who were regular LuckyRainbowDesign customers in 2009. Call it my first good deed of 2010!

Feel free to email me at luckyrainbowdesigns@gmail.com for any requests big or small you may have!

Hope you're having a wonderful 2010 so far!! :)xxx

New Years Eve 2009

Normally Robert and I jet off somewhere nice and fun for New Years, but this as as he returned to college and I went to Nepal, we just didn't get around to organising anything and so I spent my first New Years in Limerick! (December had alot of firsts for me!)...the evening kicked off with a yummy meal with friends and then off to the pub we went.....there wern't many photos taken after that, lets just say we were in no fit state!! We did however take a few nice shots before we left the warmth and comfort of our home!

Family Time

I got to spend a little bit of family time with my crazy two year old nephew and godchild Thomas in December, our days were spent watching cartoons, he mostly pointing to the screen and telling me all the characters names, wresting (yes you read right), playing hide and seek and a sneaky trip to McDonalds. He's a little character and I have to say, I had so much fun that day!!

My mum has photos of him dotted all over her house, think I'll have to print a few more for her to add to the collection.

Christmas in Limerick

In the nearly ten (eekkk, has it been that long?) years that I've been living in Limerick, I'd never spent a Christmas in Limerick...this year that all changed as I cut my Nepal trip a little short to come home and experience all that there is to a family Christmas.

I spent it with my boyfriends family, and props to him mum, Christmas Dinner was amazing (sorry mum!) - I even wanted seconds!

Those of you in Ireland, will know that we had some extraordinary weather, the mist we experience on Christmas eve was errie and fantastic - I had to shoot a few photos. I've also uploaded some shots from Christmas Day!!


So as some of you know, I packed my bags and jumped on the volunteer bandwagon and embarked on a three week adventure to Nepal! My misson, to volunteer for Christmas in a child protection home in Katmandu. I've uploaded a few of my favourite pics of what really is a wild and beautiful place - I have to say I'd love to go back but only with someone or as part of a group. The poverty levels really are shocking and it really gave me an insight into how lucky we are in Ireland, we may not think or feel it at times, especially as many of us out there have lots jobs or have had to experience a finanical cut some way or other...but the important thing is to treasure what we have and know that material things and expensive items really are not that important.

In the child protection home, I counted about 5 toys...really simple old toys, like a worn football and an old rusty slide, yet the children were the happiest I'd ever seen or met. They had nothing, their parents were in prison, they had no family....but they were so happy! It broke my heart and enraged me a little to hear about my boyfriends nephew getting a wide screen TV for Christmas....he's only five!.....that some food for thought!
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