16 September, 2010

Today I Heart....

......DOUBLE Rainbows!!!

If I was self - employed.............

..........I would most likely sleep in until 10am, but I'd make up for it by working late. I'd take tea breaks and eat biscuits, stop for a few glimpses of day time TV and take strolls in between work. If I was self-employed I wouldn't have to attend meetings, I'd only have meetings with myself. I would have no one to motivate but myself and targets that personally don't mean anything would be a thing of the past. I would only set agendas for me, myself and I and take minutes at a snails pace.

If I was self employed, holidays and days off could be taken at any time of the year and on call would be a thing of the past. If I was self-employed I would have to pay rent......and......bills.......boooo to that!

If I was self-employed I would most likely continue to day dream, if not on a more regular basis.......thats a good thing, right?

10 September, 2010

Here comes the bride....

......no not me!

I've been working on some wedding invitations over the last few days for a colleague in work. The colours in her wedding party are very specific and I must admit I had some trouble trying to source the perfect colour of fuchsia, however I did not fail in my attempts! After much chat the lovely bride to be has finally decided to go ahead with one of the invites included in my photos listed.......Which one do you think she choose? What's your favourite?

05 September, 2010

Phew....it's over!!!

Hellooo, I'm alive, I'm well and lets just say thank god those two weeks are over!

As some of you know, I work in the University of Limerick and look after one of five student villages here on campus. The last two weeks involved some serious hard work and Friday was my 12th day at work and I easily clocked up close to 150 hours at work!! However now I can say, its over....the Irish students have confirmed their college offers, arrived into the village and the International students are here laughing at our accents but mostly having a great time!

So now LuckyRainbowDesigns is alive and well once more....I'm back in the studio and I'm busy with the following:

  • A large Wedding Invitation Order
  • A Wedding Seating Plan
  • Christmas card orders.....yes I've some already!
  • New stock for my siopa
  • New stock for my reception display!
There's alot to be said for normality!! I'm off to catch up on your blog posts and see what you lovely people have been up to!
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