20 August, 2011

LuckyRainbow Giveaway!

As many of you LuckyRainbow is present in the world of social media not only on blogger but also on Twitter (@LRainbowDesigns) and Facebook too! To celebrate all the lovely likers and fans out there and also to try and increase a few more (up to 600 to be precise!), I'm running a giveaway on my Facebook page!

The concept...simple. The fan to become numero 600 will win for themseleves five handmade custom LuckyRainbow cards of their choice and the person who suggested LuckyRainbow to them will also win five for themselves also! It's win-win situation!

So maybe, you have some birthdays coming up or a wedding or perhaps even Christmas (if you're THAT organised!) that you would like some cards for? Get suggesting and you may get lucky!!

Links are found here!

Good Luck everyone!

Positive Quotes

I love fonts and I adore positive quotes, so a combination of both is perfect...right?

07 August, 2011

Today I heart...

If you've not heard of Pinterest and like me you love all things beautiful and inspiring then get ready, you're in for a real treat! This website never fails to amaze me and the hours I spend drooling over all things pretty leave me mountains of inspiration for many a card, event, meal or even outfit! The idea is that you create boards and members from all over the world can follow your boards and vice versa. Popular boards include wedding boards, where people literally pin wedding ideas / images to their wedding boards. Such a great idea! I suppose its a modern day type of scrapbooking!

Check it out...NOW!

Here are a few of  my favourites today...

Quite possibly the coolest camping home!

I've already spotted these penquin classics in my home town! I'll be honest and say I've no intention of reading them, I just think they'll look pretty on a coffee table.

I want, I want, I want!

Wow - A unicorn bicycle!

Perfect for work!

On a practical level, I adore this and I will hunt one down!


I would love to visit here...Cinque Terre - Italy

Breath-taking! I would adore this print for my bedroom. So calming!

03 August, 2011

Custom Orders

I've been happily working on a few custom orders over the last new weeks....I'll share them with you if you don't mind! I think it's lovely when people take the time to order and request a special card for that someone in their life!

For someone's wedding day

For the arrival of Ruby Jane

Happy Birthday to Wadie!

Birthday wishes for Marie

Wedding Card close up

Happy Wednesday! (nearly the weekend!)

02 August, 2011

Relaxation & Greece!

Sometimes you don't realise how much you need a break until you actually take a break and this rang true for me over the last 10 days. The boy and I booked a cheap, last minute deal four weeks ago to the magical and beautiful island of Zante in Greece. The sun shone long and hard and the food was just the yummiest....fresh fish, nice breads, delighful cheese and indulgent wines! My kind of food!

If you ever travel there, my tip to you is to hire a quad or moped (most of the island travels in this way) and travel the island. We headed up into the mountains and took in the amazing views and found secret beaches and seculded areas. We spent our euros wisely and shared them among many restaurants and cafes and travelling the island enabled us to find authentic greek restaurants all of which provided excellant service. We primarily stayed in Alykes, a lovely quaint village perfect for couples or those looking for a quiet holiday. If you looking for non stop parties, alcohol and McDonalds, then Laganas if the place for you....we drove there and realised after about 10 seconds that we "didn't belong there!". We did a quick U-turn and sped out of the place!

We did not spend much time lying on the beach... there's no point...I.just.don't.tan!.....ever! I also don't enjoy it and find it a little boring. We did, however take in a day trip around the island on a boat but we didn't enjoy as much as we had hoped. It was a cramped, overcrowed trip and while the tickets were cheap, we felt we could have spent our day better.

Overal, we came home relaxed, refreshed and ready for the working week. However I'm sure this time next week I'll be wishing I was back there!

01 August, 2011

Guess what....

I'm back......dreamy sunny pics of Greece coming your way tomorrow!
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