28 February, 2011

Hail Glorious St Patrick.....

....dear saint of our isle...as the old song goes!

This weekend I went into green overdrive, shifting through the craft room for all things green related! Luckily I had bought items months in advance as this time last year I received my very first Etsy sale after listing some St Patrick's Day cards.

For these cards, I fooled around with some ribbon and jewels, old Irish sayings and twine! I love mixing materials and trying to come up with some new innovative ways of using them. I'm unsure whether to list these items on Etsy or to sell them to some of my International residents who have already requested some. Either way, I've heaps more to make!


Helloooo lovely people!

Just a little reminder that I have a website http://www.luckyrainbowdesign.com/ (forget myself sometimes! he he!) its a one stop shop for all things great and wonderful about LuckyRainbowDesigns. It was made by my super talented friend Claire who I've known for a long time now!

Later on today, I'll be showing you the lovely St.Patricks Day cards I created over the weekend. Hmmm I'm not sure whether to send them to all my friends abroad in Japan, Germany and the states or to sell them to the lovely people on etsy?

Ideas on a blogger postcard please? :)

21 February, 2011


.....my creative mojo!! Queue super, sad, smiley face!

I haven't really had the urge to create mountains of cards in the last few weeks and I'm not quite sure why! Possibly because work and college busy but not because I've been short on time...I mean I could be in there now instead of blogging.....right? Lately, it's just nice to finish work at the end of the day and do.....well....nothing!

But tell me crafty friends......how do you get your creative mojo back in full swing? (afterall St.Patricks Day is on the way......)

Today I heart.....

the fact that I'm back blogging after a little break....not an intentional break, just really busy with my MA studies of late! (Which by the way are going great....thanks for asking!)

So, Today I heart....

This incredibly soft toy....I don't have a real puppy, but maybe he'll do until I'm 'allowed' the real thing. Kudos to this designer

Or how about this adorable purse for all my copper coins!! Vintage-fantastic!! You can see more lovely items here

Who doesn't love paper flowers? I just wish I had enough time to make some myself like this fab seller!

Some cute alternative bicycle cards

This brillant blog post on one of my daily blogs reads, Cup Of Jo
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