12 February, 2012

Just cas....

This made me smile....and the colours make me all warm and fuzzy on the inside!

11 February, 2012

London in 36 hours!

Like most girlfriends I struggled to think up an unusual and appropriate gift for the boy for Christmas 2011. We're together over five years, so each year it's a little harder to think up something that will surprise him and that he'll also, most importantly love. So I was proud of myself when I thought up the idea that I should bring him to Jamie Oliver's fifteen restaurant in London. Robert, like myself is a real foodie so I knew he'd appreciate the gift and look forward to tasting everything.

Shortly after Christmas, February 4th arrived on our doorstep and it was time to board the short flight from Shannon to London Heathrow. Living on the edge of Europe you can take it for granted sometimes that all you have to do, is hop on a short flight and hey presto, you're in a new country! It was good thinking to purchase the early 07:45 flight as we arrived in London by 9am and as there were clear skies we were lucky enough to get a birds eye view of the city, spotting Big Ben, The London Eye and Buckingham Palace from the plane.

Prior to this I had arranged a quick but lovely catch up with a school friend who has been living in London for a number of years now, so after a quick check in, we jumped on the underground and made our way to Oxford Circus, where Laurie and her other half Richard took us to the most amazing and interesting tea rooms....I'm not even sure you could call them tea rooms! The interior design was amazing and off the walls at the same time and I'd love to share some photos, but I was too engrossed in catch up conversation to even think about snapping!

After out brief catch up and yummy hot chocolate I might add, Robert and I went exploring around the store, Liberty. This store, if you ever find yourselves in London is worth a visit. It is spread out over numerous floors and is a haven of handmade, unique and inspiring items ranging from funky furniture, designer clothing, fabrics to stationary. I particularly loved the stationary section and picked up this nifty items.

After Liberty, Laurie pointed me in the direction of a vintage thrift store....and a good one at that! Robert played away on the old pac-man games machine while I hunted for a bargain! I was pleased with my little lot,. (Check out the detail on the red scarf!) but encountered a strange experience. At one stage I was holding up a pretty cool, navy jacket in my hand, when I see and feel a girl next to me.....for some reason I put the jacket back and walked away, only to see her purchase it minutes later....I guess it was the one that got away! :(

We then purchased two tickets for the Sunday production of the Wizard of Oz and I think at that stage I was more looking forward to singing over the rainbow, then I was about eating at Jamies! (Have I ever told you, I heart rainbows!)

After a quick nap, it was time to get ready for din dins! A mini snow storm decided to hit London and so we traveled in one of the iconic black taxis. At this point I'll say I decided to be the perfect date and not bring my phone along and annoy the boy by snapping a picture at every meal and showing more interest in my camera than him. That night was simply about the gorgeous food. From the partridge to the pork right down to the chocolate and orange tart, it was all delicious! I am a tad regretful that I didn't capture an image of even one meal just to share with you all.

The last day was spent sleeping, relaxing, catching a lovely coffee and the Wizard of Oz show before dashing, quite literally to the airport! I've never had to run for a flight before, but this time it was tight! Matters were not also helped by the fact that security stopped my bags and searched it! Again, another first.....but we made it, and despite the snow and the 100's of flights cancelled that day, we were not one of them! We made it home safe and sound a engaged with the usual "Awww I don't wana go to work tomorrow!"

Missing London already....a fourth trip is needed!

07 February, 2012

Positive Quotes

I was in London for the weekend and I fulfilled a little ambition of seeing the wonderful, amazing 'Wizard of Oz' in the West end. I'm still feeling the Dorothy love!

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