21 November, 2012

Photo share / Life lately

A little post about this little guy who was found wandering around my workplace last Thursday evening. We have affectionately named him Steve after a member of staff and he has been staying with me three nights now.

He is friendly, really friendly actually, likes getting his belly rubbed, sleeps through the night and is pretty much house trained. He's nothing but happy to see me when I arrive home from work and himself and the boy have become firm friends.

However as much as we would love to take him in to our home, he demands alot of attention and would benefit more from living in a family home with a big grassy back garden to run around in. I currently have lots of posters around the neighbourhood and he'll be appearing in the local paper this week in an effort to source his original owners.

We do suspect that he may have been dumped though which makes me sad. He's not a bad dog, he's a great dog and when we do find him a home, it will be only the best for this little fella!

Positive Quotes

via here

Not so much positive, but funny....and captures my mood every now and then.

15 November, 2012

Limerick Craft & Design Shop

So last Saturday saw me spend my very first day working at the Limerick Craft and Design Shop and guess what...I loved it! I loved working with Erica from Oh Sew Pretty, the support and good luck wishes from the general public and selling beautiful, handmade items for many of the artists who have their work for sale there.You cannot but, get a warm fuzzy feeling when you sell something handmade and more importantly from a local Limerick based artist, its a 100% addictive feeling!

The standard of items for sale is very high and the committee team of six members have done an amazing job over the last ten months negotiating with all the decision makers in the city to get the very best out of the space. So many hard working people have donated many, many unpaid hours and their determination shows in the standard of the work for sale, the beautiful visual display and the overall feel of the shop in general. Such is the standard, I've already purchased what feels like a million things in my head. I want everything and I want it now!

LuckyRainbowDesigns gets it's own stand!

I'm also pleased to say that LuckyRainbowDesigns has a small corner of the shop and I'm so grateful to the team for sourcing a lovely card stand for my items and assisting in selling them too. Its a great feeling to know that someone likes your pieces of work enough to spend a few euros on them and if anything it has spurred me on over the weekend to make even more stock!

I've set myself a huge challenge of making a rather large range of Christmas stock and packs of Christmas card sets. They are of course more pricey than your average set of cards but as always with anything handmade, consider the time and effort put into each item and you'll soon see that they are worth it. I would actually suggest that you adopt this attitude when you're browsing in the shop, however as always, I have found that many artists have under priced some of their items. They are super talented and skilled and the efforts should be priced accordingly, however many can be reluctant to do so in the event it turns away a potential buyer. Handmade means your getting a quality piece of work that someone has lovingly created. Its an investment for you or someone special who appreciates original or unique pieces of work, so lets embrace it!

If you find yourself in lovely Limerick, pop on down to Sarsfield Street just off O'Connell Street and say hello. The bunch of friendly volunteers would love to see you. The shop is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

08 November, 2012

Today I heart....

Today I heart so many wonderful, yummy and inspiring things! I literally want everything on this list and I especially want to make all the delicious and comforting foods while wearing all the fabulous clothes, boots, jewellery and all while making crafty things.

These beautiful boots and this overall look in general. I was never really a boots, tights and dress gal but recently this has been changing. - via here

This oh so cute tutorial for making a Christmas card. I'm excited to try this out this weekend and add my own alternative twist to it! - via here

Some comfort and sweet food to enjoy while its cold outside while curled on the sofa with a blanket!

This 'Dorothy' inspired print just 'cas - via here

This simple, but super pretty handmade wreath. It would like perfect on your door for Christmas, or anywhere in your home.

This delicate bow necklace, so simple and so sweet - via here

This snuggly scarf - perfect for this time of year - via here

A hearty stew - full of goodness - via here

and finally...this nifty table runner. It speaks to me! - via here

07 November, 2012

On being fickle..

I get bored easily and I also get distracted easily. I change my mind on a regular basis and every few weeks I have a new life plan, goal or mini project in my head or on the go. Now that my MA is complete, I'm eagerly searching out the next big project, but after a few weeks, there's a danger I'll get bored again and want to try something else. I my friends, am one of those fun fickle people. (Fun fact; I only recently found out what fickle meant). I seek out distraction all the time, I think laterally and creatively and like to work on multiple small projects at a time rather than on one big, long time consuming project and I tend not to like working with a brief. I need the space (and crafty tools!) to play, work on and tease out ideas and also, most importantly the time and freedom to change them if necessary. So as well as being fickle, I clearly don't like rules either! ( I sound like the worlds greatest employee, don't I?)

A fine example of me demonstrating how I get bored easily is evident in my over flowing craft room. I'm always looking for new stock and quickly push aside previously purchased stock as it doesn't inspire like it once did. I have oodles of paper, I mean loads and loads and I'm really never stuck for anything. So I've decided that I have to look inside this room as being a room full of money...everything in there has cost me something and its time it started earning for itself. I've told myself that I'm not allowed to buy anymore craft stock until 2013 (ok, ok I know its only 2 months away...but..) and instead, I've to get reacquainted with all my previously purchased paper. Lets call them old friends, shall we? Lets be all thrifty with these old friends and let them fulfill their crafty potential and make fabulous cards darling!

In life in general ('cas you know this list extends out of the craft room) I also have a mini fickle list of things I want to 'try', 'change for good' or' amend'. 

On the "try" list is the following;

Photography Skills 
I have a fancy-smancy camera, it's time I learned a bit more about it and how to use it, properly...like a grown up!
Lets make like cute little grannies and get our embroidery groove on! No seriously, I'd love to learn a bit more about this technique and give it a whirl.
I have a fancy-smancy sewing machine (I have alot of fancy-smancy things) and, well....I can't work it!   Someone help - please! It shouldn't just sit there....mind you it does look pretty sitting there, but it needs to be set free.

On the 'amend' list;

The LuckyRainbowDesigns website and this very blog 
I'm seriously considering hiring someone for this 'cas try as I may, I just cant get the 'look' I'm looking for. If you're a graphic / web designer and you're bloody good, well I might be calling you!
Amend the craft space. Its asking for a new lick of paint, oh and lots of new Ikea furniture too. I really want this baby! 

On the 'change for good' list

Ah the old firm favourite, get fitter, healthier and er...slimmer! (Don't we all want this?) 

Even though I'm an ultimate list setter, I don't see too much harm in this. Sure, I don't get everything done, but when you have a mind like mine, the odd list or two (read ten!) keeps me on track for at least part of the day anyway.

Any of you fellow fickle people out there have some ideas for being less er...fickle? (I just like saying / writing the word fickle!)

05 November, 2012


Yea for Graduation, I'm now Rebecca, Master of the Universe!!...(kinda.)

Friday saw me don my glad rags and graduation robes and trot on down to the Limerick School of Art & Design with the boy and mum to celebrate two years of hard work and getting that piece of paper. For the first time ever, Graduation was held within the art college, normally its held over in L.I.T, the main institute and I know the last time I was there, I was like "Why are we here, we didn't go here, we didn't have classes here!" - So I was thrilled when it was announced that we would get to celebrate within the grounds of the actual place where we studied and worked oh.so.hard and seeing as I have hardly any photographs from my undergraduate years (this was the era before digital cameras were on the scene....yes, I'm a dinosaur!), it was nice to get some images to confirm / prove that yes indeed, I once was a student in this place at this time.

MA complete....sure I might as well give a PhD a whirl (maybe...kinda.....lets just say I'm looking into it!)
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