05 November, 2012


Yea for Graduation, I'm now Rebecca, Master of the Universe!!...(kinda.)

Friday saw me don my glad rags and graduation robes and trot on down to the Limerick School of Art & Design with the boy and mum to celebrate two years of hard work and getting that piece of paper. For the first time ever, Graduation was held within the art college, normally its held over in L.I.T, the main institute and I know the last time I was there, I was like "Why are we here, we didn't go here, we didn't have classes here!" - So I was thrilled when it was announced that we would get to celebrate within the grounds of the actual place where we studied and worked oh.so.hard and seeing as I have hardly any photographs from my undergraduate years (this was the era before digital cameras were on the scene....yes, I'm a dinosaur!), it was nice to get some images to confirm / prove that yes indeed, I once was a student in this place at this time.

MA complete....sure I might as well give a PhD a whirl (maybe...kinda.....lets just say I'm looking into it!)


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