07 October, 2012

Wedding Cards

The Limerick Craft & Design Shop will be opening in a matter of weeks so I'm busy knuckling down and getting some lovely stock together. My out put is a little slow at the moment, and this is probably because its been a while since I've had to make such a large cohort of stock, but once I find a rhythm, I'm usually on a roll.

I've got the customer at the back of my mind all the time so I'm trying to make as many different types of cards as possible. Some people require very specific cards.."Can I have a card in yellow and pink, saying Happy 94th birthday great grandmother!" - No, I wont be creating stock with that much detail, but there will be a range of occasions to select from.

Today, I'm showcasing a selection of wedding cards. It honestly took me ages to find decent stamps which said something along the lines of "Happy Wedding Day" or like above "Mr & Mrs". I had to settle for an invitation set of stamps, but they do the job!

For those of you in the Limerick area, there will be a fundraiser next week to get the shop over its last hurdle and finally open. It promises to be a fun (and probably crafty!) night and I've already roped in two teams composing of some very competitive work buddies! It will be a case of quiz questions at dawn! - so come along, bring friends and get swotting!


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