31 October, 2012

Positive Quotes

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As winter approaches and the nights get longer ( I seriously need one of those alarm clocks that gradually light up the room, cas I dunno about you guys, but I'm finding it impossible to get up on these dark mornings!) its nice to remember that you can bring light....(not that big ole thing they call the sun!)

26 October, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

This time of the year is by far, my favourite time of the year. The weather becomes a bit cooler and the colours and textures associated with Autumn is sensation overload. I can't simply walk past a bunch of fallen leaves, oh no, they are asking to be kicked around the place! They want to be kicked around the place, it's their destiny!
Also its the time of year for pumpkin carving. Back in the 80's, early 90's in Ireland, the local supermarket (Remember Super Crazy Prices anyone?) didn't stock pumpkins and so we carved turnips or potatoes (I know, potatoes - could I get any more sterotypical Irish?) and sat the finished product in our windows to scare away ghosts and ghouls. By their nature, turnips are hard to carve so the helpful hand of a parent was always required. They were also much smaller, so in comparison to their pumpkin counterparts, they didn't make a scary impact.
However, times have changed now and Halloween has become crazy popular and also very 'american-ised'. (I mean that in a good way!). In the weeks leading up to Halloween, the shops are stocked with costumes and all the decorations a haunted house could possibly want. Everyone (adults included) talks about what they'll be for Halloween and many of my arty friends go all out and I mean all out in their attempt to create a one of a kind costume. Just take a look at Ruth for example!
This year for Halloween pumpkin carving, I took it a step further and arranged a pumpkin carving class for interested student residents where I work. I had no idea how popular it would be with nearly 70 students wanting to sign up. I had to cap the class at 30 as I had a small space reserved for the class, but at least when it rolls around again next year, I can reserve a bigger space and accomodate more students.
The majority of students who signed up had never carved a pumpkin before and were pretty excited about the prospect. For them, Halloween isnt celebrated (these students hail from Italy, Spain and South Korea) and before they carved anything, they really wanted to know "Why do you guys do this!?" Each student in the group got a free pumpkin, carving equipment and templates if they wern't a dab hand at drawing free hand.
The class went really smooth. No one managed to cut any fingers off, even though I did have the First Aid box on stand by...just incase. The results were fantastic and the best part, we took them outside on a dark evening, lit them and took some great photographs. A highly enjoyable evening, I'll be running this again next year, no hesitation!

25 October, 2012

An Instagram Life

Instagram, I freaking love you! It's true, I do! I knew about Instagram before I owned my beloved iPhone and wanted that app so bad that it was the first app I downloaded when I got my iPhone up and running. It's simple (and fun!) to use and connects you to a whole world of wannabe photographers from all over the wold and allows you to share beautiful photos with each other.. and this, I adore!

It's similar to other social media platforms in that you sign up, create an account and end up with friends or in this case 'followers'. It's easy to get addicted and is usually the reason behind my high phone bills. Oh dear.

I've also been known to dabble in and experience Instagram envy. That moment when someone, somewhere (for me, its usually someone from a lovely hot country like Australia) casually uploads a picture of their view from their workplace or home and I'm like "Dam, I want a beach right outside my door...not, er....rain!" 

However in saying that, there is many an Instagrammer out there who appreciates a fine view of an Irish landscape on a day when the rain is lashing down and this service I'm happy to provide!

Below a few snapshots of my Instagram life lately and if like me, you're an avid Instagrammer, be sure to jump on the luckyrainbow follow wagon.

22 October, 2012

Christmas Gifts

Like many of you out there, I'm already thinking about gifts for Christmas! I'm finding it a tad difficult to decide on what to get my nearest and dearest, especially the other half! After six years together, it gets harder to 'surprise' him.

Below are some possible gift ideas!

For the sister who says "I'm not hard to buy for" but in reality she totally is!

A perfume tray to hold all her sweet smelling perfumes that smell pretty and floral. These are the scents she likes!

Or perhaps some comfy Pj's, but remember to buy them a size too big, 
as she like them that way!

Which could be accompanied by this fun print!

For your mum who always says "You went to Art College and I have no art belonging to you!" (Yup, its true, I should really remedy that!)

Some gorgeous cushions, just cas!

For your boyfriends dad, who loves wholesome organic foods and lots of cheese!

or a fun Christmas jumper, cas you know he'll wear it! (for a least a minute anyways!)

For the boyfriend who is clean nut, enjoys a workout at the gym, considers himself to be a bit of a 'Jamie Oliver' in the kitchenand generally makes you laugh everyday!

A manly looking Kitchen aid!

A decent looking gym bag - minus the holes, cuts and tears!

 and finally, some scents to keep him smelling fresh!

What are you planning on buying? Share your gift ideas here!

09 October, 2012

Winter Weather & Cosy Food

I love this time of the year! The leaves are falling and there is gentle change in the air. The tempature is also dipping and I've digged out the cosy scarves and soon it might even be time for hats and gloves! If only my house had an open fire, I'll probably kick start that up too!
With this in mind, my attention turns to cosy foods that warm the belly and soothe you after a day at the office. Lately I've been strolling the visual and drooling cookery boards of pinterest for some foodie inspiration and of course it never fails to dissapoint. I've collated some mouthwatering images, all of which are linked back to my own pinterest cookery board and I'm tempted to try some of the following over the weekend.
The hearty fruit pies draw my attention in particular! I can almost smell them, hot and fresh from the oven, enjoyed with a dollop of cream complete with a comfy blanket, a good book and perhaps a glass of wine too!
Winter, I missed you.

07 October, 2012

Wedding Cards

The Limerick Craft & Design Shop will be opening in a matter of weeks so I'm busy knuckling down and getting some lovely stock together. My out put is a little slow at the moment, and this is probably because its been a while since I've had to make such a large cohort of stock, but once I find a rhythm, I'm usually on a roll.

I've got the customer at the back of my mind all the time so I'm trying to make as many different types of cards as possible. Some people require very specific cards.."Can I have a card in yellow and pink, saying Happy 94th birthday great grandmother!" - No, I wont be creating stock with that much detail, but there will be a range of occasions to select from.

Today, I'm showcasing a selection of wedding cards. It honestly took me ages to find decent stamps which said something along the lines of "Happy Wedding Day" or like above "Mr & Mrs". I had to settle for an invitation set of stamps, but they do the job!

For those of you in the Limerick area, there will be a fundraiser next week to get the shop over its last hurdle and finally open. It promises to be a fun (and probably crafty!) night and I've already roped in two teams composing of some very competitive work buddies! It will be a case of quiz questions at dawn! - so come along, bring friends and get swotting!

05 October, 2012

Positive Quotes

Happy Friday everyone!

Today and for the weekend, my lovely things will include:

- A lovely cuppa tay on a cold autumn morning
- A brisk walk around my lovely neighbourhood
- Create a bunch of lovely Christmas stock
- Perhaps, do some 'lovely' PhD research.... (it's lovely because its exciting!)
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