22 October, 2012

Christmas Gifts

Like many of you out there, I'm already thinking about gifts for Christmas! I'm finding it a tad difficult to decide on what to get my nearest and dearest, especially the other half! After six years together, it gets harder to 'surprise' him.

Below are some possible gift ideas!

For the sister who says "I'm not hard to buy for" but in reality she totally is!

A perfume tray to hold all her sweet smelling perfumes that smell pretty and floral. These are the scents she likes!

Or perhaps some comfy Pj's, but remember to buy them a size too big, 
as she like them that way!

Which could be accompanied by this fun print!

For your mum who always says "You went to Art College and I have no art belonging to you!" (Yup, its true, I should really remedy that!)

Some gorgeous cushions, just cas!

For your boyfriends dad, who loves wholesome organic foods and lots of cheese!

or a fun Christmas jumper, cas you know he'll wear it! (for a least a minute anyways!)

For the boyfriend who is clean nut, enjoys a workout at the gym, considers himself to be a bit of a 'Jamie Oliver' in the kitchenand generally makes you laugh everyday!

A manly looking Kitchen aid!

A decent looking gym bag - minus the holes, cuts and tears!

 and finally, some scents to keep him smelling fresh!

What are you planning on buying? Share your gift ideas here!


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