30 June, 2014

Sailor Jerry at Grillstock, Manchester

Whenever anyone asks me what life in Manchester is like, my go to reply is "There's always something happening!". This weekend was no exception as Grillstock took over Albert Square for two days of meat , music and BBQ heaven. The lovely folks at Sailor Jerry invited me over for the day to sample their delicious food created especially by chef Danny Cheetham and rum filled cocktails. Known for serving up a storm at London's Psychic burger and Dalton's White Rabbit, Danny created the Sailor Jerry menu especially for Grillstock.

Inspired by the artwork of Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins, Danny and his team offered up a mouth watering menu for the weekend. As we made our way to the Sailor Jerry section, I was really impressed by the effort they had put into their display. Cheery staff, dressed in vintage, victory rolls and bright lipstick handed out recipe booklets, happy to chat to passersby. For a brief moment we were transported back in time, to another era.

Eyeing up the menu, I chose the Burnt Ends Bap which contained pork shoulder, an array of spices and herbs including cumin, fennel and paprika. It also contained Sailor Jerry BBQ Sauce and Sailor Jerry Hot sauce topped with a fresh brioche burger bun. The boy went for the Rib O'Beef. Looking delicious it contained beef fore rib, Sailor Jerry BBQ Sauce, and came with a huge side of awesome coleslaw. As an extra treat, we also ordered some corn bread. I have never tried corn bread, so I was really looking forward to digging in.

Excited to try out our lunch, we found some seats. Despite the drizzly rain, it didn't dampen our spirits or that of others and we go stuck in. The pork in the Burnt Ends Bap was by far the nicest pork I had ever tasted. I commented that it surpassed the pulled pork I had at the Christmas markets in the very same location. As someone who can never handle hot food, the hot sauce inside was perfect - it complemented all the other ingredients. I enjoyed every mouthful especially the brioche bun, so much nicer than your regular supermarket bought burger bun.

The boy described the Rib O'Beef as "amazing, succulent, melt in the mouth delicious" and went on to say that the flavor combinations were incredible. The beef is smoked using soaked wood chips and he loved that these flavours came through in the meat. I would have loved to tried it myself, but he ate it so fast, I didn't have a look in! Our treat of corn bread was simply gorgeous. not expecting it to be sweet, I immediately flicked through the recipe book and proclaimed that I was going to make it at home. We shared a portion and it disappeared in minutes. As you can see, we gobbled everything up!

After the flavour packed lunch we thankfully had room to try some of the Sailor Jerry spiced rum cocktails. We made our way over to the long queue that was forming. Word had clearly gotten out that these were the cocktails to try. I selected the 'Old Ironside Sailor Jerry' which contained rum, pineapple and soda while the boy went for the 'Backyard Lemonade' which contained rum, fresh lemonade and sugar syrup. I love watching cocktails getting made and the guys behind the counter were confident and cool in dealing with a large crowd. Both cocktails tasted fresh and sweet with a clear taste of pineapple coming through my cocktail. Poured over ice, they were easy to drink and full of delicious rum too. Definitely cocktails, to enjoy on a summers evening.

With full bellies and feeling a little tipsy and happy after our scrummy cocktails, we settled into the atmosphere of grillstock, soaking up the music and enjoying the arm wrestling competition Sailor Jerry had put on. I tried to encourage the boy to take part, but there were a few, rather strong looking males that seemed to scare him off. Another time maybe!

With thanks to Sailor Jerry for inviting the two of us along for the day.

27 June, 2014

A Visit to The Stormy Teacup - Limerick, Ireland

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll probably have realised that I was back in Ireland for a whistle stop tour. In 7 days we managed to catch up with my family and friends, attend a fantastic wedding, travel to Limerick, meet up with previous work colleagues and go to two BBQs. It was jam packed, but I loved it. 

Top of my list of things to do when we reached Limerick was to visit the newly opened 'The Stormy Teacup'. Opened by my college friend Ruth Crean, I had been following their progress on Twitter and Facebook and was delighted to see so many reviews raving the interiors, the great loose leaf teas and the even more delicious cakes! On Tuesday, we walked into the city in the stuffy heat (Ireland recently had a mini heat wave) and made our way to Foxes bow.

Foxes bow is a small street in Limerick which for years had the potential to be something more. Something more quirky, something that would stand out to tourists and attract another type of customer. This little side street oozes character and The Stormy Teacup is perfectly placed there. I can't tell you how excited I was to finally visit the fruits of Ruth's hard work. Walking up to the main entrance, I noticed people relaxing outside, enjoying conversation next to tables made from crates. From the outset, The Stormy teacup has a home-made, rustic feel to it. It is welcoming, like a big friendly hug.

As you enter, the craft shop section of the cafe is located on the ground floor. Everything stocked in the craft shop is made by local artists and the shop is manned by the artists themselves who volunteer to run the shop. Having been involved with pop up craft shops with Ruth in the past, I immediately wanted to be part of it all. Despite loving my new life in Manchester, I longed to be part of the craft shop once more, it was a little family and I was missing it lots.

The boy and I made our way upstairs towards the cafe and felt like we were entering our granny's sitting room. Quaint with lots of carefully choosen mixed matched furniture, the cafe feels comforting. A place to relax, unwind and just be. After hugs and a catch up with Ruth, I ordered a mocha and the boy a white hot chocolate and a muffin. Watching Ruth make our order she was like a pro behind the counter. Chatting to customers, multitasking and whipping up our order, her years of working with a variety of customers both in markets and in restaurants and bars standing to her.

We took our seats near a cute small window, tastefully decorated with a vintage typewriter, flowers and some of Ruth's artwork. It provided a nice view to the world outside. The sofas were super comfy and I remarked that I wanted to stay for the day. Ruth brought over our order and my mocha looked and smelled divine. On the side, Ruth had popped a mini biscuit and it brought a smile to my face. Little extras go a long way in my book. Ruth explained to me that my mocha had been made with real chocolate pieces and when I ordered it, she asked if I wanted white, dark or regular chocolate? Who knew I could have chocolate options? 

Having selected regular chocolate I got stuck into my coffee and it was lush. Having had a mocha in the Brown Thomas cafe the day before, my Stormy Teacup option tasted better. The quality of the chocolate and coffee was supremely better. I tried the boys white hot chocolate and it tasted sweet but really, really good. Having not been a fan of white hot chocolate in the past, I think Ruth may have converted me.

We continued to chat, Ruth telling me all about her exciting plans for The Stormy Teacup and how great it was to see lots of new businesses opening up in Limerick. The city has turned a corner and as someone who lived there for 13 years, it pleased me to see such a drastic change in 9 months. There are new cafes, restaurants, fab indoor markets and even a new gelato place on William Street. (We tried it...twice....amazing!). 

My next visit to Limerick will most likely be at Christmas. It feels like an age away. I'm missing my lovely mocha already! If you're lucky enough to squeeze in more visits than me, have a mocha for me, chill out, read a book and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere The Stormy Teacup has to offer.

12 June, 2014

Dear Fat, Please F**K Off!!!

Dear Fat,

I write this because we've had an unhealthy relationship for over ten years. For over ten years I have allowed you to grow and sometimes decrease. Mostly, you have grown and we both know that's not good for the both of us. Even the doctor recently said you need to go away.  That's serious fat, that's pretty serious. In six months he wants to see that you have left a part of me, never to return. I'd like to see a whole lot of you f**K off if I'm honest.

Dear Fat,

You are the reason I feel insecure in skinny jeans, often wonder if people are staring at me and make me feel like a complete blob when I enter a changing room with 360 degree mirrors. I f**king hate 360 degree mirrors. For once, I'd like to grab an item of clothing, know that it will fit and it would even be nice if I had to ask the sales assistant for a smaller size. That would be f**king amazing fat, if less of you existed and I got to buy smaller jeans.

Dear Fat,

The funny thing is, I do know how to get rid of you. I know that you hate healthy food and regular trips to the gym but sometimes if I'm having a bad day, work has been shitty and I literally can't be arsed cooking a nutritious meal I'll turn to you. You're always there. At the end of a phone call to a reputable fat delivering service, you are there, within reach. Ya big tease!

Dear Fat,

People say you're dangerous. If I hang out with you much longer I could really damage my health. Arteries could get clogged and disease could creep in. Fat, if we don't break up soon, it could be too late for the both of us. Not on, not sound, not good.

Dear Fat,

If we're honest, we don't get along anyways. I might consider staying in a relationship with you if you lived on my boob-a-roonies, but you don't. You seem happiest surrounding my ass and thighs. Clinging to each one like a protective child. When they wobble, it's you laughing at me. Mocking me. You're telling me that you live in this area of my body and that you want to stay. Well fat, you can f**k right off 'cas I ain't no two bedroom apartment. 

Dear Fat,

In 6 months time there will be considerably less of you. I've decided. It will start slowly, so much so that you probably won't even notice at first. A pound here, a pound there. Soon it will be half a stone, one stone, maybe even two. Yes fat, that much of you needs to find a new f**king home. You might evaporate into sweat or become muscle. Muscle would be good for the two of us, go on fat, become muscle. I promise you'll like it.

Dear Fat,

We're breaking up. I'm serious, I'm so f**king serious I bought cute gym gear and a matching water bottle. Watch out, I am coming to get you. Every.single.ounce of you. I've cursed alot to show you how god damn bloody f**king serious I am. 


09 June, 2014

'100 Things to do in 2014' - An Update

Before Christmas, I wrote this post. A list of 100 things to do in 2014. As we are 6 months in to 2014, I thought it appropriate to revisit this list, see where I am and whether I am half way or no where near to completing it. It is hard to believe that we are half way through 2014 already. Time is flowing by too quickly and I have already started to have thoughts of Christmas. I have mentioned to the boy that we should get organised and book our Christmas flights home in order to save money now and I am already looking at items in Manchester shops and thinking 'so and so would like that for Christmas'. Scary!! (Yes, that does deserve two exclamation marks.)

So, here is my published list and I've crossed out the items completed and made some additional notes next to those that may not happen in 2014.

Education or as I like to call it - Fun stuff I want to learn
1.Take Spanish classes -  I know where these classes are taught. All I need to do it sign up and pay my fee.
2.Take a DSLR photography class
3.Take a craft class at the Ministry of Craft - crochet anyone?
Update: I've been using the excuse 'I can't afford' it in order not do any of the above. I have discovered that it is free to join the library so I'm going to rent out one of those language DVD's. Yay, for free stuff! Oh and maybe I'll throw in a DSLR and crafting book while I'm at it.

Blog / Lucky Rainbow
4.Invest in getting an awesome designer to update my blog design - this is badly needed
5.Get better at blog post scheduling
6.Find some new blogs to follow and get commenting
7.Rename & Re-brand - There's a slight name change on the way
8.Meet more inspiring bloggers
9.Reach out and connect
10.Create some tutorials for the blog
11.Update and continue to improve the Facebook page
Update: It certainly appears I've made more of an effort on this little space of mine. I'm taking the time to write better content and I've had the opportunity to attend some wonderful blogging events in Manchester thus providing me with the chance to meet and connect with other bloggers. I've also changed the name to The Lucky Rainbow and finally updated the design by hiring the services of someone selling their talents on Etsy!

Fitness / Health & Wellbeing
12.Clean eating - begin some research and adopt
13.Try meditation
14.Find a weekly gym class that I'll enjoy
15.Start running again
16.Enter a 5k
17.Get out of my comfort zone and try something I'd never usually try
18.Find a great massage therapist
19.Listen to more music
20.Be more thankful
21.Express gratitude often
22.Make some D.I.Y beauty treatments
23.Try herbal teas
24.Worry less about those fine lines
25.Try a detox
26.Make a green smoothie, you know, of the vegetable kind
Update: I have done all the Clean Eating research a gal can do and bought the books too. In dribs and drabs I have adopted this approach but have fallen off the wagon quite a bit in the first 6 months. Must.try.harder. I am listening to more music, spotify is my new friend. Not only have I entered a 5K, but I also entered and ran a 10K. High 5! Herbal tea, Yes - done that too!

27.Cook more healthy meals
28.Learn the art of preparing amazing packed lunches the night before work
29.Get a cute lunch box
30.Make chutney, pasta and bread from scratch
Update: I am cooking more healthy meals but as above, I'm not doing it enough. When I'm organised I am on it. I am 'Miss Healthy Eating'. I do have a cute lunch box of the 'pink with lots of compartments' kind. I just to hone down the organisational gene that hopefully is inside me somewhere!

31.Make a more conscious effort to craft
32.Visit galleries in Manchester
33.Watch some arty films
34.Stay up to date with local artists and exhibitions
35.Draw more, even if you think you're bad at it
36.Reopen my Etsy shop
37.Open a Folksy shop
Update: I'm doing pretty crap at this, to my dismay. I have started to make things again but not at a drastic rate. I still have not visited any art galleries in Manchester. I'm starting to wonder what I'm doing in my spare time apart from sleeping and blogging!

38.Send teaching qualifications to relevant UK offices for approval (Been on the long finger for an age)
39.Visit a life coach - figure out what area you really want to work in
40.Get some volunteer work in an area you'd one day like to work in
41.Be somewhere towards sorting it by the end of 2014
Update: I am still undecided about whether I want to be a teacher, basically because I feel I cannot draw anymore and any attempt at a portfolio would be shambolic. Honestly, they are my reasons. I did some volunteering with Student Action in Work, giving food to homeless people in Manchester. It was an eye opener.

For fun-sies
42.Visit a psychic
43.Go to a music festival
44.Write more letters and send more cards
45.Set up an Irish blogger meet up (Claire Ann & Aoife Blake, I'm looking at you!)
46.Volunteer in a charity shop
47.Commit some random acts of kindness
48.Get a pen pal
Update: My random acts of kindness have been to tweet bloggers whose posts I have enjoyed, share their blog with others and provide some sort of praise. Call it blogging karma. I have a charity shop in mind that I'd like to volunteer for. It's open on the weekends so I might just drop them a line. I've yet to meet the lovely Irish bloggers Claire Ann & Aoife Blake and does anyone want to be my penpal?

49.Visit Scotland
50.Take a holiday with the boy - somewhere hot
51.Take a solo trip
52.Sit down and plan a once in a lifetime trip
53.Have a spa day away
Update: Tick - we went to Edinburgh in Easter and now I want to go back and perhaps live there one day. I really, really loved that place. Mum and I mentioned a spa day away some time soon, maybe when I'm home for a friends wedding in September.

54.Save money for a video camera so I can vlog (with Claire Ann if you're reading)
55.Maybe a tablet or iPad too?
56.Save, save, save
Update: I was lucky in that I didn't need to save for an iPad as the boy bought me an iPad mini for Christmas and I freaking love it. I do need to save though. I am a financial walking disaster and the boy is a financial walking genius. We had an honest chat about it and he's going to help me budget more.

Personal Development
57.Take UK driving theory test
58.Learn to drive (This has been on countless lists since 2006)
59.Be more organised in as many aspects of my life as possible
60.Read more books
61.Watch less TV
63.Be happy
Update: There is no update, I'm obviously not tackling this aspect in any shape or form!

64.Keep a journal
65.Write a five year plan
66.Wear something you wouldn't normally wear - step outside the comfort zone
67.Try a new hair colour
68.Give up alcohol for a month (not that I drink alot anyways!)
69.Learn some HTML
70.Buy a vintage dress
71.Lists, lists and more lists - keep writing lists
72.Organise all my clothes and stream line back
73.Learn some songs
74.Budget, budget, budget
75.Go to the dentist
76.Do a course that pushes you - not a fun course, but something you can learn lots from
77.Say yes more
78.Learn about another religion
79.Walk, walk, walk
80.Discover new areas of Manchester
81.Climb a mountain
82.Have an internet free weekend
83.More painting of nails and less chipped nails
84.Be less critical
85.Get my ears pierced
86.More meal planning, less takeaways
87.Try red wine
88.Be part of at least one craft fair in 2014
93.Listen to an audio book
94.Conquer my sewing machine
95.Make gifts for friends
96.Just be
97.More positive thinking and less worrying
98.Trust that it will all work out
99.Take some risks
100.Make more time for all of the above
Update: Yes the wardrobe has been organised but I'd say my fashion sense is non existent. What I really need to do is itemise what I have and see what I need to buy in order to make better use of the clothes I do have. Always discovering more of Manchester and you are more likely to see me without chipped nail polish. Meal / grocery planning is happening but takeaways are too. Naughty, naughty. Red wine, not for me and I've been making handmade cards for friends to give to others. I still worry (alot) and the sewing machine in stored away - a craft class is needed in order to conquer it ASAP!

Out of 100 'things' - I have managed to attack or start 25 of them. Half way through the year but only a quarter through the list. For June, I'm going to focus on the following:

- Opening my Etsy shop again
- Opening a Folksy shop
- Find a weekly gym class that I'll enjoy
- Visit a gallery in Manchester
- Keep a journal

Wish me luck! How are your 2014 goals coming along?

08 June, 2014

What's on my face?? - My Everyday Makeup Routine

The one way I discover new make up products is by buying items shared by bloggers, reviewed by bloggers and essentially recommended by bloggers. I don't know what I did before bloggers recommended beauty items. Oh wait, I do, I bought the same items all the freaking time and never strayed too far from that. I also often think that the make up I use is not the fanciest or the most expensive and I tend to combine a mix of high street basics with the odd fancy item from somewhere like Clinque or Benefit. 

Inspired by one of my sweet favourite bloggers Claire Ann, I decided to create a 'What's on my face??' blog post as I really enjoyed the same post she recently shared. It's probably because I'm inquisitive, I like knowing what make up people are buying and using and I often get a little kick if someone uses the same products as me. Its kinda life affirming, making me feel like I have excellent makeup purchasing skills because someone has similar taste to me.

So get ready, I'm about to share my bare face with you all. A personal blogging first, but in order for you to get the full 'this is what these products do' experience, I think it's necessary and hey, if all the big and famous beauty bloggers can do it and not scare everyone away, then why not little ole me! Please note, I cleansed, toned and moisturized my skin prior to using any of these products. Probably the most important step in my routine every day.

First up, foundation. A pale girls skin nightmare. Foundation is my absolute bug barer. For me, it has to be the right shade, provide excellent coverage, flow across my skin, blend well, not aggravate my sensitive skin and last the day. Many a beauty blogger has raved and raved about some recent Bourjois and Maybelline foundations and I've tried them all. For my skin, they are terrible and so far off my skin tone, I looked like I had been tangoed. Oompa-Lompa eat your heart out. Clinque to the rescue, an avid user since I was around 18 / 19, Clinque wins the day everyday. I recently switched to a lighter shade (Number 02) in the super balanced liquid range and I love it. It ticks my boxes people and it provides me with the perfect, natural look. 

To complement the foundation, I use a number of products. A new addition to my routine, I have been using the Maybelline 'Instant Anti-Age Eraser' Eye. Easy to use, this product is a little darker than my foundation. Not ideal, so I'm careful about the amount I use and ensure it's well blended. To cover up any blemishes I have been using the Seventeen 'Stay Time' concealer stick. You know I'm in love with the Collection concealer, but I just can't find it in the shops. It's always sold out. I'm hopeful it will be widely available when I return to Ireland next month.

To set everything, I turn to my trusted Rimmel stay matte powder in the shade 002 Pink Blossom and swoop it over my face with a large brush. I've lost track how many years I've been using this, 10, maybe more. It's a make up bag staple and I wouldn't be without it. I sometimes find that powder based products result in my skin feeling tight, but not this bad boy. It works a treat for me.

For some colour, I use a highlighter first followed by blush. Lately I have been enjoying the Revlon Rose Glow highlighting palette. It has a nice sheen and makes my cheeks appear fuller. I compliment this with my favourite blusher of late, the Benefit Coralista. Expensive at €34, I consider it an investment blush! Peachy and bright, it suits my skin tone and combined, I like how those products give me a healthy glow.

Cheeks done, I then tend to my brows. I've only become a convert to doing this in the last year. When I bought my Benefit blusher, the sales assistant at the counter convinced me to buy their Brows-zings item. She caught me at a weak spending moment, (nifty sales assistant!) but I do have to say, even though at a cost of €34, I freaking love this product. I'm not quite the eye brow genius when it comes to giving them shape, but this product certainly makes them look alot better. Its compact and contains some mini tweezers and a mini blending and hard angle brush.

I then switch my focus to my eyes. In my early twenties, I was obsessed with eye makeup, particularity the smokey eye look. I had that look down to a T. I've changed gears a little since then opting more for a strong lip then a strong eye and so most days you can see me reaching for my coveted and much loved Naked Decay 2 palette and using the subtle shade, tease. I would love to say that I compliment this look further by using some  liquid eye liner and creating a winged eye look, but those skills are beyond me. I have two different shaped eyes (no really, I do!) and  I just cannot pull off that look. I wish I could, as I adore it on other people, like Claire-Ann!

I top my eyes off with some black mascara and my go to mascara for the last year has been another Benefit product, the 'They're Real Mascara' in black. If it was a special event or if I was feeling glam I'd also add some eye liner, but as this is an everyday 'on my way to workies' look, I'll stay away on this occasion. For a final touch, I choose a bright lippy. I'm starting to gather a little collection of lipsticks and believe or not I have lipstick regret. I only started wearing it in the last 4 / 5 years believing I did not have the confidence to pull it off before. Madness. It's only make up at the end of the day, if you don't like it, remove it.

My choice today is a MAC favourite given to me by a lovely friend who used to work for them in New York. (Cool job, eh?) I thought I had lost this lipstick but recently discovered it buried in one my many handbags. I squealed when I found it. The boyfriend thought I had gone mad. A bright orangey red, it is the colour 'Satin'. I adore this lippy, its my go to 'cheer me up' product.

So, here you have it - one of my daily looks which assists in me leaving my apartment looking somewhat  put together. Now if I could only apply the same dedication to my wardrobe of mismatched clothing I would be doing well.

Tell me, what are your go to makeup items?

07 June, 2014

Review: Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Croatia was our holiday of choice in 2007. It was also our first holiday of choice as a couple. Filled with excitement at the thoughts of a sun holiday and a relaxing week we loved our time there. Like most couple holidays, days were spent on the beach, eating slowly at restaurants, drinking lots of wine and beer and taking in all the sights and shops that Dubrovnik had to offer.

One such shop was Lush. I had of course, been to Lush before in Dublin and just, as in previous visits, the sweet smell of fabulous products drew me in. On this occasion the shop was empty except for the boy and I. I strolled, stopped and read product descriptions and the sales assistant watched me carefully from behind the counter. I honestly thought she thought I was going to steal something. I kept wandering, feeling her eyes on me and approached a section of the shop where masks, scrubs and lotions were placed on display. Poured in to large bowls with wooden spoons, they invite you to try them out, how can you not? I started to lift them up to my nose in order to take in the lovely smells. I had barely touched the spoons, barely had the chance to smell the sweet product and I heard "Nooooo touching!" in a strong Croatian accent.

I looked at her and thought "This is Lush, people buy things because they smell so good!". I decided to ignore her and tried once more to take a whiff of an item. Again, "No touching!" came sternly from her mouth. She clearly was not aware that I was in the mood for buying, I had money and I wanted to spend. I left the shop. I didn't need to hear her voice again to know she was not in the happiest of moods. That single experience caused me not to enter a Lush shop for another 6 years. It wasn't that I never passed one, I deliberately chose not to go in because in all honesty, I thought that sales person was a 'bit*h'.

Fast forward to 2013 and I moved to Manchester where Lush is on my doorstep. I said to myself, lets give them another go, maybe they've changed, maybe they're different now and ready for a positive customer relationship. I want to move on crazy Croatian Lush lady, we're older and wiser now. Together, we can do this. Lush in the Arndale Shopping Centre is full of amazing and friendly staff. They are happy for you to give their products a whiff and a try and since I love anything sweet smelling, I am now a magnet to that place. So much so, I've re-branded Lush to 'Lovely Lush' (You're welcome Lush HQ!) and my bathroom is starting to fill with pretty products.


A recent purchase has been the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub, available in a lucid, beautiful pink. Its smell, bringing me back to childhood days of chewing Hubba Bubba had me hooked at first whiff. With that, of course I was going to buy it! I also needed it. Winter had been cruel. Skin was peeling from my lips and whenever I wore lipstick, it appeared that I had red peeling lips. Not pretty folks, not pretty. On taking the new purchase home, I fell in love. I was a little anxious that it might hurt to remove the unwanted skin but oh no. Applying a small dab to my lips, they tingled lightly and the smell of bubblegum started to make me feel happy. I started to gently scrub at my lips, felt some slight (but nice) tingling and felt them feel smoother in under a minute.

I removed the excess product and skin with some water and a face cloth and hey presto, perfect puckering lips - lipstick, lip blam and lipgloss ready. Happy days! I also felt that paying attention to that area made them appear a little plumper. I have quite full lips anyways, but they stood out a little more, happy with their one to one treatment. My love affair with Lovely Lush has been restored, my wanderings there less invasive and my memory of not so lovely crazy Lush lad in Dubrovnik stored away, never to be reopened. 

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