07 June, 2014

Review: Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Croatia was our holiday of choice in 2007. It was also our first holiday of choice as a couple. Filled with excitement at the thoughts of a sun holiday and a relaxing week we loved our time there. Like most couple holidays, days were spent on the beach, eating slowly at restaurants, drinking lots of wine and beer and taking in all the sights and shops that Dubrovnik had to offer.

One such shop was Lush. I had of course, been to Lush before in Dublin and just, as in previous visits, the sweet smell of fabulous products drew me in. On this occasion the shop was empty except for the boy and I. I strolled, stopped and read product descriptions and the sales assistant watched me carefully from behind the counter. I honestly thought she thought I was going to steal something. I kept wandering, feeling her eyes on me and approached a section of the shop where masks, scrubs and lotions were placed on display. Poured in to large bowls with wooden spoons, they invite you to try them out, how can you not? I started to lift them up to my nose in order to take in the lovely smells. I had barely touched the spoons, barely had the chance to smell the sweet product and I heard "Nooooo touching!" in a strong Croatian accent.

I looked at her and thought "This is Lush, people buy things because they smell so good!". I decided to ignore her and tried once more to take a whiff of an item. Again, "No touching!" came sternly from her mouth. She clearly was not aware that I was in the mood for buying, I had money and I wanted to spend. I left the shop. I didn't need to hear her voice again to know she was not in the happiest of moods. That single experience caused me not to enter a Lush shop for another 6 years. It wasn't that I never passed one, I deliberately chose not to go in because in all honesty, I thought that sales person was a 'bit*h'.

Fast forward to 2013 and I moved to Manchester where Lush is on my doorstep. I said to myself, lets give them another go, maybe they've changed, maybe they're different now and ready for a positive customer relationship. I want to move on crazy Croatian Lush lady, we're older and wiser now. Together, we can do this. Lush in the Arndale Shopping Centre is full of amazing and friendly staff. They are happy for you to give their products a whiff and a try and since I love anything sweet smelling, I am now a magnet to that place. So much so, I've re-branded Lush to 'Lovely Lush' (You're welcome Lush HQ!) and my bathroom is starting to fill with pretty products.


A recent purchase has been the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub, available in a lucid, beautiful pink. Its smell, bringing me back to childhood days of chewing Hubba Bubba had me hooked at first whiff. With that, of course I was going to buy it! I also needed it. Winter had been cruel. Skin was peeling from my lips and whenever I wore lipstick, it appeared that I had red peeling lips. Not pretty folks, not pretty. On taking the new purchase home, I fell in love. I was a little anxious that it might hurt to remove the unwanted skin but oh no. Applying a small dab to my lips, they tingled lightly and the smell of bubblegum started to make me feel happy. I started to gently scrub at my lips, felt some slight (but nice) tingling and felt them feel smoother in under a minute.

I removed the excess product and skin with some water and a face cloth and hey presto, perfect puckering lips - lipstick, lip blam and lipgloss ready. Happy days! I also felt that paying attention to that area made them appear a little plumper. I have quite full lips anyways, but they stood out a little more, happy with their one to one treatment. My love affair with Lovely Lush has been restored, my wanderings there less invasive and my memory of not so lovely crazy Lush lad in Dubrovnik stored away, never to be reopened. 


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