28 June, 2011

Positive Quotes

It may be hard to accept sometimes.....but, it's true!

23 June, 2011


It's been a long time since Robert and I have had a trip away together, what with the recession and looming college fees, the finances have been hard hit.....still, we are lucky in many other ways!

However a girl (and her guy) need something to look forward to and something to keep the mind focused and sane when the going gets tough in work, which for me seems to be more often than not! Some how, magically you could say I managed not to spend all my salary and for once save some money hard earned cash this month. As I browsed accommodation and checked various flights I realised that I could cheaply put together a fun, worthwhile four day trip to romantic Paris for New Years Eve. (I know, a whole six months away!)

Robert and I have been been to lots of places for New Years eve....Rome, London...even Egypt, but last year the two of us were struck down with the worst flu I've ever experienced. It meant the two of us were cooped up in our house over most of Christmas and were in both in bed, feeling sorry for ourselves and coughing and sniffling by 10pm.One of the quietest New Years Eve's I experienced in about ten years!

This year will be different...much different! I'm hoping we'll be drinking fizzy, cheap champagne under the Eifel tower at midnight with thousands of other party goers and very much welcoming 2012! Ohh-la-la!

18 June, 2011

New Moo Cards

I pretty much used up the bulk of my business cards at the Etsy Pop-Up shop, great to know people were interested enough in my products to take a business card.

So, in an effort to replace them I decided to spend a little extra in getting new cards. Moo.com offers the most wonderful business cards. My previous cards contained one of their stock photos on the back, but it had been suggested to me to use my own images as my cards were so cute, plus potential customers get to see your work just by looking at your business card! This is sooo easy to do, they basically connect to your Etsy shop and take the images for there and do all the work for you!

The results arrived in the post yesterday and I just love them....so much so that I may never give them away!

I'm delighted with the overall quality as I have had bad experiences in the past with dodgey business cards, that not only were a waste of money,  but did not see the light of day!

I also purchased some moo stickers which also are...you guessed it, stickers of my cards! I'm not quite sure what I'll do with them yet, but I'll keep you posted!

13 June, 2011

Postive Quotes

I should probably remember this more often....

12 June, 2011

LSAD Degree Show 2011

Yesterday saw me pop along and drag along the boy to the opening day of the LSAD Degree Show. It had been years since I had been to the show as I was usually always working or unable to attend. Overall it was and is a very strong show, some of the final work was stunning and I was tempted to buy a few pieces....problem was, the pieces I wanted were already sold such was the demand!

I took some images and apologies in advance, I did not take pen and paper with me, so I'm unsure of the artists! BUT all credit to them, the work was amazing! Also the standard of professionalism in presentation had seriously improved by all students / departments.

LSAD is part of LIT (Limerick Institute of Technology) and over the years and if you're on a night out and find yourself munching through a burger in Supermacs at 3am, you're bound to bump into an LIT or UL student...and so the conversation goes..."What do you study?"...and you say "I'm in art college!"....and then some smart ass LIT / UL student says "Oh is that where you learn to colour inside the lines!".....This, I'm sure has been going on for donkeys years......My boyfriend commented yesterday (for the record he's a current LIT student and UL graduate) that "each years loads of students will write their FYP in UL / LIT (Final Year Projects or thesis) and it can be a load of sh**e, but all the work on display here today was really good, you could see the amount of work and thinking gone into it". Finally, what I had been trying to tell him for years had sunk in! We can do more than colour inside the lines.....alot more!

If you're in town, stop by it's open until Friday at 1pm - I particularly loved fashion and ceramics, but in all honestly there was a wealth of talent on display across all disciplines. You'll won't be disappointed.

07 June, 2011

Fathers Day 2011

Fathers Day 2011 is on the way - June 19th in case you had forgotten! So, in an effort to tackle the difficult subject that is male cards I dived head first into the craft room and got stuck in!

I went through my huge paper stash (seriously...its a mountain!) and pulled out all the colour combinations I felt were best suited to male cards. The usual suspects of blue and green appeared along with stripes and dots. I experimented with the paper, tearing some sections and punching others and treated each card as a mini canvas! I also topped off the cards using one of my favourite materials....garden twine!Finally, no LuckyRainbow card is complete unless is has some faux-stitching!

I'm quite pleased with my results! These cards are for those who already contacted me requesting some for their lovely dads, but there's still time if you want / need one! As always, just drop me a line - luckyrainbowdesigns@gmail.com - I'm always happy to hear from you!

05 June, 2011

Today I heart...

....funky new hairstyles and wanting the courage to change mine! I'm thinking of something along the lines of....

 And finally....topped off with these amazing glasses! (I'm currently searching the net for the perfect 
(and cheapest) pair!)

04 June, 2011

Pretty Cards to send to Pretty People

I've been without my beloved android phone for the best part of a month. It suddenly stopped working for no reason and alas off to the phone doctors it went. I arrived by yesterday to collect my phone only to be told "They just gave you a new one"....obviously serious damage had been done to the previous one. However, I have to say I'm loving the new updated Sony Eircsson phone. It's easier to use, easier to text with and I easily downloaded all my favourite apps in a heart beat! As you'll soon see from the images, the retro camera app is (in my opinion) thee most fun arty, farty app to play with.

Also today I was due to give a hand in the Etsy Pop Up Shop but I was having terrible headaches, part of me thought it was down to the 25C sunshine we had in Limerick yesterday! This pasty gal just ain't use to it! My apologies to the gals on the Etsy team, I was looking forward to drinking tea, chatting to the customers and bringing all my card making goodies to the shop to make cards while the shop was quiet!

However, I have managed to make some new, fun cards in the last few days. My stock is really low in the Pop Up shop (a good complaint!) so I need to get myself down there tomorrow to not only help out but to also bump up my section! Everything (and more!) you see in this post will all be available in the pop up shop from Sunday, June 5th!

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