23 June, 2011


It's been a long time since Robert and I have had a trip away together, what with the recession and looming college fees, the finances have been hard hit.....still, we are lucky in many other ways!

However a girl (and her guy) need something to look forward to and something to keep the mind focused and sane when the going gets tough in work, which for me seems to be more often than not! Some how, magically you could say I managed not to spend all my salary and for once save some money hard earned cash this month. As I browsed accommodation and checked various flights I realised that I could cheaply put together a fun, worthwhile four day trip to romantic Paris for New Years Eve. (I know, a whole six months away!)

Robert and I have been been to lots of places for New Years eve....Rome, London...even Egypt, but last year the two of us were struck down with the worst flu I've ever experienced. It meant the two of us were cooped up in our house over most of Christmas and were in both in bed, feeling sorry for ourselves and coughing and sniffling by 10pm.One of the quietest New Years Eve's I experienced in about ten years!

This year will be different...much different! I'm hoping we'll be drinking fizzy, cheap champagne under the Eifel tower at midnight with thousands of other party goers and very much welcoming 2012! Ohh-la-la!

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