29 January, 2013

My 250th Post and a Crafty Giveaway!

LuckyRainbow followers, today is my 250th post and boy have I learned alot in that time. To celebrate, I'm hosting a crafty giveaway! Not only can you bag for yourself a range of LuckyRainbow goodies, but you can also win a range of supplies to help get you on the craft bandwagon.

Stop talking Rebecca, tell me the good stuff!

Here's the deal;

The lucky winner will receive
Ten (yes ten!) handmade LuckyRainbowDesigns cards available to use for a number of occassions including this lovely mini set pictured above.
A selection of lovely papers to play with in sizes A4 to A3
Some crafty tools such as scissors, scalpel knife and a punch or two
Inks in the following colours: black, red, blue and green
A selection of new stamps which you can use to stamp some lovely sentiments
A selection of embellishments to decorate your new cards
Ribbon - lots of lovely ribbon!

How to Enter: (Mandatory)
You must be a follower of this blog via Google Friend Connect and a follower of the LuckyRainbowDesigns Facebook page.

Bonus Entries:
You can get a second bonus entry by tweeting the following and following LuckyRainbowDesigns on Twitter
"To celebrate 250 posts, I entered the @LRainbowDesigns crafty giveaway" #LRainbowDesigns

You can get a third entry by following LuckyRainbowDesigns on Pinterest and a fourth entry by following LRainbowDesigns on Instagram.

'Tis that easy folks!

To be sure, to be sure:
Please leave a comment below for each entry letting me know how you've entered and a way to contact you (email is best!) and a winner will be selected on the loveliest day of the year, Valentines Day. The Giveaway is open world wide and I will post the items to the deserving winner anywhere in the world and hey be nice, none of this following and then unfollowing business 'cas that's just plain rude!

I will check every entry that you have you have made, so no porky pies!

Good Luck Everyone!

28 January, 2013

Thoughts on Vlogging and Outfit Posts

So, here it is...I really, really, REALLY would love to start vlogging or video blogging to all you newbies out there. As a medium, I enjoy others who vlog and who vlog well and it's something I have wanted to do for a very long time. What would I do with my imaginary vlog clips you ask? Some craft / beauty hauls, maybe the odd tutorial? Maybe I'll just read all the news for that day! - Who knows? I just reckon I might be actually quite good at it and enjoy it too much for my own liking.

The reason I haven't even remotely started is well....erm...to do with my full time day job. I work closely with alot of college students and every now and again one of them gets the bright idea to 'google me'.

For many people, myself included, when my name is googled it brings up a range of information. You'll get a few links about how to contact me in my day job, perhaps some info on my degree show back in day and of course, lots of information about LuckyRainbowDesigns. But, because of the fact that I know they 'google me' (I know, because just loooove to tell me!), its the only deciding factor that puts me off vlogging. I have this idea that they'll download it and auto tune it somehow and then it'll do the rounds around student email, but then I think maybe they don't really give a sh*t and are not that preoccupied with what I get up to outside of my 9 to 5 working day and it's probably all in that wee head of mine. *Sigh*

The same applies to outfit posts. On the weekend, the suits get pushed to one side and the colorful jeans, snazzy accessories and bright blazers make an appearance. I got alot of inspiration from many an 'What I wore' post out there in the virtual world, and I wouldn't mind sharing the odd post with you all to show the person behind LuckyRainbowDesigns. I've been fortunate to connect to so many great and inspirational people via blogging that for me, not engaging in the above type posts kinda makes me feel that I'm leaving lots of potential fun blog posts out. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to over share but I would love to give this blog a tad more personality and for me creating the above posts would be a fun way to do it!

So, thoughts everyone? Should I abandon all crazy negative and 'what if?' thoughts and give it a go anyways or perhaps gently start the ball rolling with a mini outfit post....perhaps minus my head or something!?! Or stick to being sensible and stay as I am, forever wondering if I could be the next vlogging supa-star*

*totally kidding of course!

25 January, 2013

Etsy Friday Favourites

In my real world job, today is payday! So after a long and nearly over dreary, grey January, I feel like treating myself to a few beautiful things, just 'cas I can! All of these pretty things have my heart a flutter at the moment.

We got our little bungalow painted at Christmas and now I want to fill it with all things turquoise inspired. I think it may just be the perfect colour.

But how about this beautiful and simply painted piece..how about it indeed? It would be stunning in a kitchen or a nicely lit hallway.

Would it be very wrong of me to purchase this, strip it down and repaint it some cool colour, say turquoise or green...or yellow...or all of those colours? I keep looking at all the furniture in my house (none of which I personally own by the way!) and thinking up ways, I could 'improve' it.

All of the above and more from GaloreGalore. Theres a nook or cranny somewhere in my house that can give all of the above a loving home.
Ladies and gents, how freaking amazing is this, and guess what? It apparently works too. It costs a small fortune, but I think shes a beauty and if I had the bucks, I'd seriously consider buying it.
And finally, this stunning case. I think I remember these or something similar being in my grandparents house. If only I knew where they were now!
Have a wonderful weekend!

24 January, 2013

Positive Quotes

You know what, one of the most popular posts on my blog is Positive Quotes. I'm not saying I live by them, but they certainly add a little something to my life, a little motivation perhaps or a new way of seeing. It also makes me wonder are there alot of unhappy people out there in the world, searching for quotes to make them happier or perhaps inspired in some way?

If so, perhaps this is the one for you?

21 January, 2013

How are those goals and resolutions going...eh??

We're 21 days into 2013 and the horrible, horrible, blue and cold month of January and I'm wondering....how are those goals and resolutions going...eh?

I'll be a little smug and say I've hit one mini goal in that I reopened my Etsy shop on January 20th, juuuuust like I said I would...but there's only a small amount of stock listed so it's no biggie really, but hey! it counts! Other crafty goals are well underway, but as for those personal goals...hmm, that's another story peeps.

I signed up for a half marathon in May. Yup, you read right. 13 miles or 20k depending on what part of the world you're reading this from. I was a good chica and downloaded a 14 week plan, 16 weeks before the big day and got going. All was going well until last weekend when I attempted to up my distance and er....well nearly died from trying. It's not that I can't physically breath anymore and pump those lungs of mine...its that I can bloody lift my legs anymore. They get heavy, I get mad and in the end, we both give up. It's a viscous exercise circle and one that becomes even more soul destroying when a Giselle of a woman glides past you in a "Oh look at me, I'm a great runner and look...look how fast I can go!" kinda way. If you're anything like me, you look up at her and whisper "skinny b**ch" under your breath and then gleefully wonder, "Ahhh, but is she happy?"

So, yes that half marathon goal is starting to get the better of me. I'm not quitting though, I'm just gona start the plan again and work harder at it. On the days when I have to work on my 'core, I'll work on my 'core'. And on the days I should be pounding some weird machine in a gym that I can't work, well then I'll....pound some weird machine on the gym that I can't work. Easy - peasy, lemon squeezy right?

The info graphic below (I love a nice info graphic!) on goals and resolutions struck a chord with me, especially that part about writing your goal down. (Oh and the fact the numero uno resolution is to lose weight.) Think I'll do that, write it down, stick it everywhere....on the fridge, the bathroom mirror, in the craft room....Hey, I might even make a wee badge for myself and if it works, I'll grace that half marathon finish line like a champ! Here's to trying and to May 5th. Go me!

Setting Goals Infographic

20 January, 2013

The return of the Etsy shop!

Hurragh, its been forever, but I've finally, finally reopened my LuckyRainbowDesigns Etsy shop. Queue small round of applause and I think I can hear a few 'Whoop, Whoop's' in the background.

Due to working full time and completing my Masters in Art college, I had no choice but to put the shop on the back burner and you know what, I really missed making my little crafty items and the mini thrill of getting that sale and then spending the time to wrap it up carefully, package it and then send it off to that lovely person. I missed the whole process, especially the packaging part!

As mentioned in previous posts, I've listed some Valentines cards to get the shop kick started as love is literally in the air and just around the corner. I plan on listing more items everyday this week and in no time, I'll have a happy and full shop once more.

I'm currently working on some new type of stock, but more on a that later. It's all a little hush, hush for now, but I'm excited about it and hope you all will be too.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop on by, share the love and say hello!

18 January, 2013

On direction and Where to go?

So, erm....I've been having this internal dialogue and conversation with myself for months now and its mainly centered around the direction of this very blog, the teeny tiny space of internet it inhabits and the direction, it can or should go. (FYI, I seem to have the best conversations with myself in the shower and only today we were having a conversation in work about the 'chats we have with ourselves'. I was glad, relieved to know I wasn't the only one out there chatting to myself.....I mean, literally chatting to myself.)

My conversation has been going something along the lines of the following;

"I wana do more with the blog, lots more. I'm interested in soooo much stuff outside of crafts, why can't I share it all? I want to write about more serious things and less serious things so how does this all fit in with everything LuckyRainbow-ish?...and besides I did this personality test-thingy and apparently my top job should be a journalist!" (I laughed when I got those results, because it never entered my mind as a young whipper-snapper to even consider journalism as a career or college choice and grammar and I have been known not to get along.)

"Will I push readers away? Will I bring more readers to the blog? Will anyone notice? Does anyone actually care?, Why am I asking so many questions?"

So then it dawned on me to perhaps slightly change the direction of the blog from one solely centered on crafty, paper related items to one that is primarily "craft / look at what I made!" focused with snippets of lifestyle posts which may intrigue and appeal to current as well as new readers. 

As I said above, there are lots more items, ideas and thoughts I'd love to share, investigate and write about, so why not use this platform to do so or at the very least try it out! To be honest, some of my most favourite blogs are those which are lifestyle centered and which offer more than just one topic or area of interest. 

I'll give you an example. Behind the LuckyRainbow scenes, I'm a lotions and potions nut with an eye for a decent beauty regime and if someone discovered a way in which to reduce to crows feet....well I'd be all over that and I'd make sure you were all too! At this moment I'm trying out a new face mask, and you guys..its the business! I want you to all know about it, provide some links to where you can get your little mits on it and perhaps share a goofy pic of me trying it out. Now, wouldn't we all love to see that image and read that post. 

So, be prepared for some new LuckyRainbow lifestyle type posts and hopefully....hopefully they'll be right up your street.

17 January, 2013

16 January, 2013

Valentines Day

Are you loved up, eyeing some one up and perhaps looking for that perfect card which says "I think you're alright!"....just kidding people! Yup, mushy day aka Valentines Day is just around the corner and I've put the head down and dug into all things pink and red, especially for you guys and gotten together some new Valentines cards for that special someone in your life.

Don't worry, I've stayed well away from images of bears holding hearts and love birds exchanging sweet nothings for something a little more grown up, but that's just my personal taste creeping into my work. In line with re-opening my Etsy shop on January 20th, all of these cards will be available to purchase from then. BUT if you just can't wait and perhaps need extra shipping time, you can contact me through blogger or via luckyrainbowdesigns@gmail.com and cupid here will sort you out. The good stuff - if you're based in Ireland, shipping is free!

14 January, 2013

January Stationary Wish List

Whenever I see wish lists, most people are like "I want these jeans and that top with those uh-mazing shoes topped off with this cute brooch!". But this being a blog which is (mostly) craft related, I'm gonna drool over all the super funky, crafty items that I want / need in my life right this very moment. Is it January after all, and apparently we're all suffering from the January blues and need some cheering up. Stationary, cheers me up.

Give or get me a pretty / cute / funny new notebook and I'm putty in your hands baby! Honestly, I love notebooks, diaries, new sketchbooks and every September when we went back to school, I loved getting new copy books. I used to think "these notebooks are full of possibilities!" and then usually after a week I'd hate school again and only really be concerned about my sketchbook. The above notebook  made me smile, it kinda rings true for me sometimes but in a "Whoa, I wish I thought of that!"

When I was a kid, I had a yellow beetle (the car, not the bug) toy thingy that sat on my desk in school. One wheel was an eraser and the other a pencil sharpner and on the roof you stored your pens and pencils. Ever since then I'm a sucker for oversized, weird (but cool) desk tidy's slash stationary holders. I freaking love this pencil sharpner holder and same goes for the two tape dispensers below. Lo-ve!

Next up, I am so in love with these action clips, its not funny. They are so me and I can see them working in every aspect of my personal and working life AND they would make the office a cuter space to work in and sure that's a win / win situation for all involved.

Twine, just gimme twine! I love the stuff and maybe its more of a material than a piece of stationary but I use so much of the stuff that to me, its a daily staple in the craft room. In fact, right now, I know my current supply is low and that kinda makes me uncomfortable, I won't lie.

An finally, some thing cute but of course, practical!
 I mean they're paper clips that look like mini elephants. What's not to love? Go, get um!

13 January, 2013

Happiness Jar

I'm going to be a big copy cat here and put together something I've spotted on a few of my regular blog visits. I think it's a cute little idea and counts towards my resolution of savoring the good moments, being happy and generally being thankful for what I have instead of moaning about not having those "amazing thigh slimming jeans that cost a million euro and make you look and feel like a supa-model!".

So here it is, a happiness jar. Something that doesn't cost the earth to make and will make a great keepsake. The idea is that you write down all the happy moments, big or small that you experience throughout 2013 and then on New Years eve, you open up the jar and read through them. I know, I know... its stupidly mushy and full of 'little house on the prairie' meh, but I'm gonna get on a whim here and say "I like it!".

I'm a bit of a jar collector, using them for storing stationary, buttons, bits of lace and the occasional tea light so I had no trouble in getting my happiness jar groove on. I made the lid prettier with some washi tape and hey presto I was good to go!

The first happy moments / thoughts of 2013...

So go get your positive face / groove on and get collecting those happy thoughts and moments. You won't be feeling so naff when you read them all on NYE 2013. I guarantee!

06 January, 2013

A digital de-clutter!

Seriously, how bad is this image? Taken way back in 2009?

Ahhh the Christmas tree has been taken down, packed away and stuffed into the attic for another year and now, all of a sudden there's so much space in the house. It kinda feels bare but I also feel like there is less clutter and more breathing space and just like that scene from Step-brother where they make bunk beds...."there's so much more space for activities, like aerobics or a step class!" (I freaking love that scene!)

Another type of clutter though, is digital clutter! You know, you have multiple email accounts for this, that and the other and not a single folder to file them into. Your laptop is full to the brim of cool photos of you and your friends pulling faces and recreating dance moves from the 90's (No? Just me then?) and when your boss asks you for that email with that quote for that important thingy-ma-jiggy, you.just.can't.find.it. Sound familiar?

Part of getting organised, being organised and staying organised for 2013 is organising my ever expanding digital clutter. (Jees, how many times can one say organised!) I sat down and realized the following:
  • I have five email accounts (including my full time work email), actually make that six if you include Etsy
  • I run four twitter accounts
  • I run four Facebook Pages
  • I have Instagram, Pinterest, hello cotton accounts and also this blog for LuckyRainbowDesigns
  • My laptop (which is only a year old) is starting to slow down
  • I've also gotten particularly lazy at storing everything on my laptop - it's normally on the desktop (shock, horror.....I can feel you judging me!)
  • and....all of the above needs to be organised..methodically and right now.
Today I started with my busiest Facebook page, the LuckyRainbowDesigns page. The task at hand was to reorganise all the uploaded images from 2009 onwards. I had been putting this off for months and months but once I stopped procrastinating and actually got down to it, sure I was grand!

How did I do it?
Simple...I created a blank album for each year and labelled them LuckyRainbowDesigns 2009, 2010, 2011 etc and attacked one album at a time. Going through each album, checking to see what was worth saving and then right clicking and saving each image to each folder. When done with that album, I just deleted it, knowing that I would be uploading it again later but in one combined album.

The good?
It was oh so interesting to look back on the type of things I was making back in 2009. I was a little embarrassed by it all actually. The very wonky photography, shoddy craftsmanship and my very poor attempt to set up an interesting photograph. Its amazing to see how much I've learned from the whole process so far.

The bad?
Ohhh I probably annoyed a few people by clogging up their Facebook feed but in my defence I did give them a little warning before hand. I'm nice like that.

Time spent?
About two hours that I probably would have spent slouched in front of the TV anyways

Next task?
My dreaded personal gmail account, this account I'm not looking forward to. It's anything if not chaotic.

So, get off yer backsides and go organise something..anything now! I guarantee you'll feel all lovely and smug with yourself afterwards and perhaps a little less lighter.

03 January, 2013

Happy 2013, a positive quote and some crafty goals!

I cannot quite believe it's the year 2013! It feels like only yesterday when I was dressed as a fairy and rang in  the year 2000 with friends in the middle of a street while knocking back champagne that a friendly neighbour shared with us all! I'm starting to feel old people!

Like the above positive quote, "It's kind of fun to do the impossible" and when I took on the challenge of undertaking part time study with full time employment back in 2010, graduation in November 2012 seemed like a life time away and an impossible task, but guess what guys, I survived! Lots of other great things and achievements happened in 2012 but rather than list them all here, I'm focusing on 2013. I'm making it the year of all things LuckyRainbow and the following are my crafty goals....like always, I've listed a trillion of them.
  • Reopen the LuckyRainbowDesigns Etsy shop. This is a biggie for me. I miss listing items, I miss getting sales and miss the whole Etsy interaction side of things. The reopening date is set for January 20th. You're all invited and they may even be cake.
  • Expand the range of stock of LuckyRainbowDesigns - I have more paper related ideas up my sleeve than you can shake a tail at and I literally cannot wait to get cracking. I'm not sure if they'll be available in the shop on January 20th as I need to do some research into tools and supplies, but new items that expand beyond cards / invitations are on the horizon.
  • Recreate the LuckyRainbowDesigns wedding invite portfolio - A long time back I created a range of wedding invitations for those interested in my designs. I received some work but didn't take the time to document the range properly nor did I do much about promoting my ickle wedding range. This is also a biggie goal that needs to get crossed off the list.
  • LuckyRainbow blog redesign - Like I mentioned before, I'm crazy fickle, changing my mind from one day to the next and easily getting bored and wanting to spruce things up. All this applies to my blog. I just do not possess the skills necessary to give it the look and feel that I want and need and as much as I have tried, I have failed. At the moment I'm looking into designers who can do this for me.
  • Sales, Sales and more sales - Yes I'm a teeny tiny business so it would be great, wonderful, amazing...all of the above to increase sales and to add to this I need to track the financial side of things  too and keep an eye on the 'debits and credits'
  • Be more organised - like really organised. Have mothers day cards made and listed weeks in advance, actually make Halloween stock this year and get cracking on Christmas stock in June.This year I will be more organised. I will!
  • Online presence - Work harder and better in all aspects of social media. Blog better with great quality content, post regularly on Facebook and Twitter and generally build up a bigger and stronger craft orientated audience.
A few personal goals
  • Run a half marathon - I've signed up, paid my registration fee and training commences this evening. There is no going back people.
  • Save money - a heap of money. No further explanation needed
  • Squeeze in some travel. I have NYC in my mind for April
  • A few gigs perhaps - tickets purchased for a few already
  • Be happy, smile more, appreciate the little things and generally be thankful
A quick side note to say thank you for all your support, comments and following in 2012 and previous years and I wish each and every one of you a great, happy and positive 2013!!
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