03 January, 2013

Happy 2013, a positive quote and some crafty goals!

I cannot quite believe it's the year 2013! It feels like only yesterday when I was dressed as a fairy and rang in  the year 2000 with friends in the middle of a street while knocking back champagne that a friendly neighbour shared with us all! I'm starting to feel old people!

Like the above positive quote, "It's kind of fun to do the impossible" and when I took on the challenge of undertaking part time study with full time employment back in 2010, graduation in November 2012 seemed like a life time away and an impossible task, but guess what guys, I survived! Lots of other great things and achievements happened in 2012 but rather than list them all here, I'm focusing on 2013. I'm making it the year of all things LuckyRainbow and the following are my crafty goals....like always, I've listed a trillion of them.
  • Reopen the LuckyRainbowDesigns Etsy shop. This is a biggie for me. I miss listing items, I miss getting sales and miss the whole Etsy interaction side of things. The reopening date is set for January 20th. You're all invited and they may even be cake.
  • Expand the range of stock of LuckyRainbowDesigns - I have more paper related ideas up my sleeve than you can shake a tail at and I literally cannot wait to get cracking. I'm not sure if they'll be available in the shop on January 20th as I need to do some research into tools and supplies, but new items that expand beyond cards / invitations are on the horizon.
  • Recreate the LuckyRainbowDesigns wedding invite portfolio - A long time back I created a range of wedding invitations for those interested in my designs. I received some work but didn't take the time to document the range properly nor did I do much about promoting my ickle wedding range. This is also a biggie goal that needs to get crossed off the list.
  • LuckyRainbow blog redesign - Like I mentioned before, I'm crazy fickle, changing my mind from one day to the next and easily getting bored and wanting to spruce things up. All this applies to my blog. I just do not possess the skills necessary to give it the look and feel that I want and need and as much as I have tried, I have failed. At the moment I'm looking into designers who can do this for me.
  • Sales, Sales and more sales - Yes I'm a teeny tiny business so it would be great, wonderful, amazing...all of the above to increase sales and to add to this I need to track the financial side of things  too and keep an eye on the 'debits and credits'
  • Be more organised - like really organised. Have mothers day cards made and listed weeks in advance, actually make Halloween stock this year and get cracking on Christmas stock in June.This year I will be more organised. I will!
  • Online presence - Work harder and better in all aspects of social media. Blog better with great quality content, post regularly on Facebook and Twitter and generally build up a bigger and stronger craft orientated audience.
A few personal goals
  • Run a half marathon - I've signed up, paid my registration fee and training commences this evening. There is no going back people.
  • Save money - a heap of money. No further explanation needed
  • Squeeze in some travel. I have NYC in my mind for April
  • A few gigs perhaps - tickets purchased for a few already
  • Be happy, smile more, appreciate the little things and generally be thankful
A quick side note to say thank you for all your support, comments and following in 2012 and previous years and I wish each and every one of you a great, happy and positive 2013!!

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  1. It sounds like 2013 is going to be an exciting one for you! I'm looking forward to seeing it grow.


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