06 January, 2013

A digital de-clutter!

Seriously, how bad is this image? Taken way back in 2009?

Ahhh the Christmas tree has been taken down, packed away and stuffed into the attic for another year and now, all of a sudden there's so much space in the house. It kinda feels bare but I also feel like there is less clutter and more breathing space and just like that scene from Step-brother where they make bunk beds...."there's so much more space for activities, like aerobics or a step class!" (I freaking love that scene!)

Another type of clutter though, is digital clutter! You know, you have multiple email accounts for this, that and the other and not a single folder to file them into. Your laptop is full to the brim of cool photos of you and your friends pulling faces and recreating dance moves from the 90's (No? Just me then?) and when your boss asks you for that email with that quote for that important thingy-ma-jiggy, you.just.can't.find.it. Sound familiar?

Part of getting organised, being organised and staying organised for 2013 is organising my ever expanding digital clutter. (Jees, how many times can one say organised!) I sat down and realized the following:
  • I have five email accounts (including my full time work email), actually make that six if you include Etsy
  • I run four twitter accounts
  • I run four Facebook Pages
  • I have Instagram, Pinterest, hello cotton accounts and also this blog for LuckyRainbowDesigns
  • My laptop (which is only a year old) is starting to slow down
  • I've also gotten particularly lazy at storing everything on my laptop - it's normally on the desktop (shock, horror.....I can feel you judging me!)
  • and....all of the above needs to be organised..methodically and right now.
Today I started with my busiest Facebook page, the LuckyRainbowDesigns page. The task at hand was to reorganise all the uploaded images from 2009 onwards. I had been putting this off for months and months but once I stopped procrastinating and actually got down to it, sure I was grand!

How did I do it?
Simple...I created a blank album for each year and labelled them LuckyRainbowDesigns 2009, 2010, 2011 etc and attacked one album at a time. Going through each album, checking to see what was worth saving and then right clicking and saving each image to each folder. When done with that album, I just deleted it, knowing that I would be uploading it again later but in one combined album.

The good?
It was oh so interesting to look back on the type of things I was making back in 2009. I was a little embarrassed by it all actually. The very wonky photography, shoddy craftsmanship and my very poor attempt to set up an interesting photograph. Its amazing to see how much I've learned from the whole process so far.

The bad?
Ohhh I probably annoyed a few people by clogging up their Facebook feed but in my defence I did give them a little warning before hand. I'm nice like that.

Time spent?
About two hours that I probably would have spent slouched in front of the TV anyways

Next task?
My dreaded personal gmail account, this account I'm not looking forward to. It's anything if not chaotic.

So, get off yer backsides and go organise something..anything now! I guarantee you'll feel all lovely and smug with yourself afterwards and perhaps a little less lighter.

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