13 January, 2013

Happiness Jar

I'm going to be a big copy cat here and put together something I've spotted on a few of my regular blog visits. I think it's a cute little idea and counts towards my resolution of savoring the good moments, being happy and generally being thankful for what I have instead of moaning about not having those "amazing thigh slimming jeans that cost a million euro and make you look and feel like a supa-model!".

So here it is, a happiness jar. Something that doesn't cost the earth to make and will make a great keepsake. The idea is that you write down all the happy moments, big or small that you experience throughout 2013 and then on New Years eve, you open up the jar and read through them. I know, I know... its stupidly mushy and full of 'little house on the prairie' meh, but I'm gonna get on a whim here and say "I like it!".

I'm a bit of a jar collector, using them for storing stationary, buttons, bits of lace and the occasional tea light so I had no trouble in getting my happiness jar groove on. I made the lid prettier with some washi tape and hey presto I was good to go!

The first happy moments / thoughts of 2013...

So go get your positive face / groove on and get collecting those happy thoughts and moments. You won't be feeling so naff when you read them all on NYE 2013. I guarantee!

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