14 January, 2013

January Stationary Wish List

Whenever I see wish lists, most people are like "I want these jeans and that top with those uh-mazing shoes topped off with this cute brooch!". But this being a blog which is (mostly) craft related, I'm gonna drool over all the super funky, crafty items that I want / need in my life right this very moment. Is it January after all, and apparently we're all suffering from the January blues and need some cheering up. Stationary, cheers me up.

Give or get me a pretty / cute / funny new notebook and I'm putty in your hands baby! Honestly, I love notebooks, diaries, new sketchbooks and every September when we went back to school, I loved getting new copy books. I used to think "these notebooks are full of possibilities!" and then usually after a week I'd hate school again and only really be concerned about my sketchbook. The above notebook  made me smile, it kinda rings true for me sometimes but in a "Whoa, I wish I thought of that!"

When I was a kid, I had a yellow beetle (the car, not the bug) toy thingy that sat on my desk in school. One wheel was an eraser and the other a pencil sharpner and on the roof you stored your pens and pencils. Ever since then I'm a sucker for oversized, weird (but cool) desk tidy's slash stationary holders. I freaking love this pencil sharpner holder and same goes for the two tape dispensers below. Lo-ve!

Next up, I am so in love with these action clips, its not funny. They are so me and I can see them working in every aspect of my personal and working life AND they would make the office a cuter space to work in and sure that's a win / win situation for all involved.

Twine, just gimme twine! I love the stuff and maybe its more of a material than a piece of stationary but I use so much of the stuff that to me, its a daily staple in the craft room. In fact, right now, I know my current supply is low and that kinda makes me uncomfortable, I won't lie.

An finally, some thing cute but of course, practical!
 I mean they're paper clips that look like mini elephants. What's not to love? Go, get um!


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