30 April, 2011

I heart buttons!

Who doesn't love buttons!! They spruce up any crafty item!

28 April, 2011

Ode to summer....continued

In part two of my ode to summer series you can see how flowers rule the day! I'm currently inspired my all the amazing things growing in my little greenhouse. This year is my first year attempting anything in the garden and I've surprised even myself at my progress so far!

However, in an attempt to transfer a (what I would call a large) sunflower seedling to a bigger pot, it somehow didn't take to it's new surroundings and literlly withered away within hours of re-planting! I was really sad about it, simply because I planted it from seed and spent each day tending to it and watering it! Ah well, I do have another 10 or so sunflowers to attend to as well as carrots, tomotoes, chilli, rosmary and thyme, aubergienes and fennel! Wish me luck transferring those when the time comes!

27 April, 2011

I'm a real crafter!

How about you?

Ever browse photos of other peoples work spaces, drool and wonder how (and if!) they keep it soooo tidy! Perhaps they are really organised and one of those neat freaks which I am happy and proud to say, I am not!! Don't get me wrong, every now and again I will do a clear out and organise the space so that I can get back to making great items, but most of the time it looks a little like this!

I'm OK with being a messy crafter, the boyfriend may not be.....but he'll have to deal with it for now, or least until LuckyRainbowDesigns makes me my first million euro and I can buy a bigger and more organised space! (wishful thinking on my part there!)

Note the twine that fell into the cup of tea, not intentional I swear! it's not unusual for me to grab ribbon, glue twine, paper etc and not look where I'm going.....I spill drinks on a regular basis! :)

One day, perhaps I'll have a lovely, organised craft room like this one! If only! The bright light and the lovely airy-ness of the room are to die for!

26 April, 2011

Ode to summer!

Hope you all had a lovely and choc-tastic Easter!!

Time to crack open those summer papers and create some fun, bright colourful cards, all of which will brighten up your day...I hope! Sunshine, butterflies, energetic greens all to lift your day and make you smile!

Shot in my new studio (for now!)....the back garden!! As always, this little number will be available from my etsy store within the next few days! Stop on by and share the love or leave a comment below! :)

Enjoy! :)

24 April, 2011

Dalai Lama visit to Limerick

Last week, his holiness the Dalai Lama paid a visit to the University of Limerick to give a talk on forgiveness. When the tickets went on sale, my internet was down and I heard that queues were out the door of the UL Concert Hall and seeing as I'm not the queuing type, I said to myself " I wasn't meant to get a ticket and left it at that!"

However on the morning of the event, I got a text from the boss to say that a ticket was left behind the counter of the UL arena for me (where the talk was taking place) and to get my backside up there pronto! Working in UL certainly has its benefits sometimes!

Prior to him arriving, there was alot of entertainment from students of the Irish World Academy in UL as well as some famous singers / dancers and the monks from Glenstal Abbey. What stood out for me, where the students from the MA in Ritual Chanting programme (Who knew such a course existed??). They were simply amazing and so.....well, in tune!!!

When the Dalai arrived, there were rounds of cheers and appaluse from over 3,000 people, many of whom travelled from all over the world to hear and see him and many of whom had previously experienced alot of trouble in their life.

He was such a warm character, down to earth and very funny. He spoke about how we (humans) are all the same, and that our focus on race, religion or skin colour is only secondary to who and what we are. He also spoke about how you should not be only focused on one religion, as doing so does not open you up to the wonders of other religions. As someone who is not particularly reglious but does have an interest in other cultures etc, this especially rang true for me.Overall, I really enjoyed the event, it was amazing to see such a famous leader in our University!

For those of you who missed the live web stream of the event, you can catch it here! you can catch some amazing shots of the campus in which I work and live in and also hear and see some of the pre-entertainment performances! You'll also capture a few tear jerker moments which really moved me and the audience!

21 April, 2011

Happy Easter!

The best thing about Easter, apart from all the yummy chocolate, is that I get four days off work! Hurragh! It's real blessing!

This Easter my mum is travelling down to Limerick from Dundalk to spend the weekend with Robert and I! We're thinking up fun things for us all to do. Friday, we'll probably make dinner and drink some wine, seeing as the shops will be closed for Good Friday. Saturday will involve a trip to the Limerick Milk Market to sip on yummy coffee, eat crusty bread with goats cheese and sundried tomatoes and generally soak up the atmosphere. We'll then hit the shops and try and get a bargain or two and later on in the evening mum has promised to take us to dinner and I'm excited to say that we're going to The Wild Geese in Adare, an amazing restaurant! I love eating there and Robert and I usually only go when it's a special occasion!

Weather permitting, we'll take a drive to the Burren and the Cliffs of Moher on Sunday, maybe take a picnic full of milk market goodies! Lets hope the sunshine is about!

What are your plans for Easter? have a great one, whatever you get up to! :)

19 April, 2011

Today I heart...

With all the talk of the Royal Wedding and street parties accross the length and breadth of the UK, I have fallen (again) in love with bunting!

Etsy, of course has an array of handmade bunting and bunting supplies and to me, the elude to the 1950's! If I had the time, I'd decorate my backgarden in bunting for a summer bbq....now if only the sun would stay around long enough, then perhaps it would happen!

A few of my favourites!

A magical summers day! - StarlitNestGifts

Romantic from RubyRedcrafts

Cleve Bunting from notetrunk

 A super cute print that would take pride of place in my home - afcat84

Bunting Birthday cards from a very cute shop - craftedbylindy

Adorable wedding bunting from funkyshique

18 April, 2011

50 ways to beat stress!

Right now I have a pretty hectic life, many of you know that I have a busy full time job (for which in these current times I am very grateful for!), I'm studying part time for a Masters (one year down, one to go!), my lovely other half returned to full time study two years ago (two years nearly done, with another two to go!) and of course there's LuckyRainbowDesigns which in recent months has been put (a little) to one side in favour of MA presentations, reading, work, work, work and general mayhem while trying to get a grip on my life and getting it to run like clock work! (well I can dream can't I?)

As result of all of the above, I usually find solace and relaxation in other peoples, work, art, blogs and usually now and again, I find something that inspires me or makes me smile...or, even better changes my way of thinking!

While blog hopping, I came accross this article and some of it (most of it actually!) made alot of sense to me, so much so that I printed it off and popped a copy of it in my work office and my LuckyRainbow / MA study room!

Maybe it will be of use to you too! :)

17 April, 2011

It's been a while....

BUT.....I do have some new and colouful items to list on my Etsy shop today! I had a light bulb moment and decided to photograph them in my newly renovated back garden while the sun was shining in all it's glory! For the record, it has dissappeared behind the clouds once more!

Photographing new items in the daylight is by far mcuh more easier than indoors, the time it usually takes me to photograph my items indoors does not even begin to compare to the speed and quickness of outdoor photography! Plus, its more fun too!

My new favourite cards are....

The royal wedding takes places at the end of the month and I can imagine bunting all over the UK in honor of the bride and groom and all the street parties that are sure to take place.....I want some real bunting! :)

Bright, summer-y colours for you to enjoy!!
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