28 April, 2011

Ode to summer....continued

In part two of my ode to summer series you can see how flowers rule the day! I'm currently inspired my all the amazing things growing in my little greenhouse. This year is my first year attempting anything in the garden and I've surprised even myself at my progress so far!

However, in an attempt to transfer a (what I would call a large) sunflower seedling to a bigger pot, it somehow didn't take to it's new surroundings and literlly withered away within hours of re-planting! I was really sad about it, simply because I planted it from seed and spent each day tending to it and watering it! Ah well, I do have another 10 or so sunflowers to attend to as well as carrots, tomotoes, chilli, rosmary and thyme, aubergienes and fennel! Wish me luck transferring those when the time comes!

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