31 July, 2010

LuckyRainbowDesigns goes digital!

Today is a GREAT day! An idea, a conversation, a few emails and numerous conversations have come to fruition! Today is the day that the LuckyRainbowDesign website has gone live! Feel free to have a look and a wander around. In essence its a simple, cute, colourful and bright, cheery website that encompasses all that LuckyRainbowDesigns is. It celebrates the spirit of handmade and easily connects you to my Etsy shop, my blog, my tweets and finally my facebook fan page!

What I love most of all, is now everything is linked up and has a home but also there is a strong consistent brand there. For example, the banner you see on this blog is also found on the website and my Etsy shop! Gone are the days where I listed all the places to find me, now all I have to say is "luckyrainbowdesign.com" - How easy is that?

I'm hopping onto the Moo site now to order some new business cards! Ohhh the excitement!

30 July, 2010

Today I Heart...

....this fantastic moss letter from SimpleSweetDesign on Etsy. Now for those of you who don't know I have a thing and a fascination for letters! So much so that I collect 'R's' as, obviously its the first letter of my name and to me its a strong letter! During college I was intrigued by text and studied artists who worked with text and was also jealous of the graphic design students who got to play around with typography! I quite literally drooled over fonts and today I still have font favourites! I'm a Century Gothic girl at heart!

Does anyone remember the episode of friends when it was thrown back to their college days in the 80's. Ross made a poster for his band, and Chandler was like "cool poster dude!" and Ross says "Yea, I did it on my Macintosh with a little help from Helvatica 16!!".....cracks.me.up! (You have to watch the episode to get a better idea of course!)

I also have a new letter 'R' on order from Little White Dog, an Etsy Ireland seller! I'm really excited about seeing it as Suzie creates them using personal information about you so its going to look amazing! I really want a moss letter 'R' now though! :(

27 July, 2010

De-Stash Giveaway Winner!!!!

Hey Everyone!

Thank you sooo much to everyone who entered the LuckyRainbowDesign de-stash blog giveaway! I was crazy pleased with the 18 entries and my new 18 followers! I decided the best way to draw a winner would be to make a little video on my snazzy phone!! I really hope this works! My technology skills are seriously lacking since I left Art College.

I really loved making this mini video, so much so I may invest in a video camera and make more!! Excuse my over blinking.....don't ask me why I did that!! AND I hope I'm not speaking too fast!!! (My mother always complains that I do!) Alos, have a wee laugh at the end where I struggle for a few seconds to turn off the camera!! Ha ha, Watch out Stephen Spielberg!

*Congrats* to the winner, I'll let you all watch the video to find out who the lucky person is! :)

23 July, 2010

Today I heart....

......this oh so cute 50's emerald green dress by Etsy seller digforvictory Isn't it pretty? I can see myself swish-ing and swoosh-ing at a summer wedding in this little number! I love the 1950's era and wish there was a tele-porter thing-ma-jiggy to give us all the opportunity at least once to travel back in time! I'd get to dress up all day every day and be the prefect housewife with a strategically placed ribbon in my hair! :)

20 July, 2010

Ahoy Sailor!

.....How cute is the ribbon used on this card?

.....I recently picked it up in Limerick and I'm totally in love with it I just could not wait to create something with it, so here it is a cute baby boy card. Topped off with some wonderful buttons from NiceDay Supplies of course!

I've just listed this item in my Etsy shop so if you know of a new arrival, stop on by to purchase! Only one for sale (or should that be 'sail'.....bad joke!) at the moment, however I always welcome those fun custom orders!

Also, my De-stash giveaway is still going strong with many a crafty person sticking their name into the virtual hat! Remember to enter, become a fan of the LuckyRainbow blog and leave a comment under the de-stash giveaway blog entry! The lucky winner will be selected on Tuesday evening, July 27th! (ohhh the excitement!)

19 July, 2010

De-stash Giveaway!!!

At the recent Etsy Ireland Limerick meeting, the girls parted with some of their crafty items that they just had no more space for! I being typically un-organised did not bring my items with me so instead I've decided to give them away to one lucky blogger follower!

To win, you must be or must become a follower of the LuckyRainbowDesigns blog and leave a comment under this post! The lucky winner will be selected randomly on Tuesday evening, July 27th!

I will post all these yummy goodies to anywhere in the world free of charge, I'm just that nice! Maybe you're out there thinking about making a special card for someone and just don't know where to start! Well with these goodies you'll be well on the way to creating a little masterpiece!

The stash includes the following:
  • 1 Snowman Rubber stamp (perfect for those Christmas cards)
  • 2 Floral Rubber stamps
  • 4 rolls of ribbon (1.5 meters in each roll)
  • 1 pack of pink baby girl ribbon (perfect for newborn cards)
  • 1 pack of pink ribbon fibres
  • 1 self adhesive glitter frame
  • 2 sets of envelope boxes with paper inserts
  • 1 set of Laura Ashley Velvet rub-on's
  • 2 border packs of quality pattern paper (aprox 50 sheets in each! WOW!)
  • 2 8x8 design packs - 40 - 50 sheets in each (great to get you started on your first card!)
  • 1 6x6 pack of textured papers (some used)
I estimate the stash to be worth around €50

So there you have it! Who wants this amazing freebie stash! Become a LuckyRainbow blog follower and leave a comment below!

Good Luck! :)

Male Birthday Cards....

....... are usually a card crafters nightmare! (or so it says on many a blog I've read!) The difficultly lies in that you can't use all your girly, colourful patterns that you've gathered up. Nor can you punch out some funky glittery butterflies and top them off with gems and pearls etc!

Instead you're limited to muted colours and usually pictures of golfers or grown men on sail boats!....All together now...YAWN!.....So I've decided to try and focus a bit more on the male population and try to improve my cards for them!

I recently made this little card and experimented with the paper by folding and cutting it, generally creating a 3D effect like I do with most of my cards. I added some twine and plain cream ribbon and hey presto! I'd be happy to pass this on to a male friend, would you?

Ideas / opinions on a blogger comment please! :)

16 July, 2010

Etsy shop update!

So I've set myself a little challenge!

I have the next four days off work (and I've just had the last two off) so I'm setting myself the challenge of listing at least 20 items in my etsy shop! I recently noticed that I had HEAPS of Thank You cards and considering that someone, somewhere celebrates their birthday everyday I thought I better get cracking on some more titles and hey presto, here is a sneaky peek of what is to come!

It was such a joy to create these little gems! The hours just flew by in my ickle studio! I really like to have a 3D effect to my cards so I started to experiment a little more with paper. Some pieces of paper were turned into leaves others were twisted and folded! It all adds to the handmade effect in my opinion!

On a separate note some of the Etsy Ireland team are meeting in Limerick tomorrow! Infact we're having a getaway and everyone is staying over night! I'm looking forward to showing everyone round our great city with Ruth from NiceDay Designs! Limerick gets such a bad and unfair reputation from the media I always love showing off its best bits when friends arrive!

Once our day (and night) of fun fun fun is over and done with, I'll update you all with some craft goss and photos!

14 July, 2010

Today I heart.....

.....this hilarious cushion! As a girl who on many an occassion has set her alarm clock early in order to go to the gym before work (yes, you read correctly, BEFORE work), only to slam the alarm off and grumpily turn over for a second sleep! I can relate to this cushion! Me and this cushion were made for each other!........although if I bought it I could see the boyf hitting me over the head with it when I give him the never ending, popular and much used excuse of "I don't have time Rob!!!!" or my personal favourite "I'll go tomorrow!"

If like me, you love this cushion you can find it and more fun filled items here in Alexandrafergusons etsy siopa!

11 July, 2010

A sad day for the wee county!

.....now before I start, I won't pretend that I am or always have been a huge GAA fan. I'm not. Never have been. I once had a boyfriend who made me sit through four GAA football and hurling matches back to back and it was then I thought "this will never work out" and it didn't!.....however, today I flicked back and forth between one channel and the other catching quick glimpses of the Leinster football final. My wee county of Louth where I orginally hail from was playing Meath, their first final since 1957 (I think!......told you I didn't know much!).....they were leading by one teeny tiny point in quite literally the final seconds of extra time when all hell broke loose and Meath scored a goal.....not by the traditional methods of scoring but by literally throwing it into the net. Depsite two linesmen standing at each side of the goal posts, the goal stood and so the wee county were not to be champions of Leinster!.......I felt so sorry for them and all those genuine supporters who made the journey up to Crokers to support them!.......anyone for a replay?

09 July, 2010

New Banner!!

Look above! A new banner for LuckyRainbowDesigns created by my lovely friend Claire English. She is currently working very hard on my new website and she recently sent me the first version of it! It's so pretty and exactly what I was hoping for! The new banner has been taken from the website and I've also inserted into my etsy shop, so that the whole feel for LuckyRainbowDesigns is consistent and I guess more professional!

I'm really happy with it to date and I'm looking forward to officially launcing the site and showing it off to you all!! :)

Today I heart....

....this gorgeous drawing by Amilka selling on Etsy. As someone who spent years and years drawing to get a place in Art College and then another 5 years drawing nearly everyday, its a huge pity I didn't keep it up! I'm at the point now where my drawing skills are (in my eyes) quite poor, and to think I qualified as an Art Teacher five years ago. I dread the thought of having to walk into a classroom now and try and teach a student how to draw! however I'm sure that if I put some effort again and took it up, I wouldn't be long improving those skills!......maybe it could be a task for the weekend....I might even enjoy it! :)

What are you plans for weekend everyone? I plan on doing very little outside of the house, instead I'm locking myself away into the studio (or least I'm going to try to!). A friend from home is currently in lovely Limerick on her holidays so hopefully we'll squeeze in a drink or coffee!

Have a happy weekend, I hope the rain doesn't dampen your spirits!

08 July, 2010


.....I've such an awful habit! Lately I've made lots of cards for colleagues, family and friends, shipped them off and never documented or took any photographs of them! I sometimes just don't get the time to carefully set up the perfect photo with nice lighting etc! and then we all know it doesn't just stop there....photoshop is nearly always needed! I have to say I love creating work, I love seeing the smile on the face of the person who is buying my cards......but the onslaught of photoshop!! mmmm now that's a different story altogether! :(

06 July, 2010

Happiness is.......

.....going back to college! (yikes!) I've been accepted onto a new Masters programme in the Limerick School of Art in Design and I'm happy to say I've accepted the place! Now queue really long MA title.....ahem I shall be studying for a Masters in Art & Design in Social Practice & The Creative Environment! or MAD SPACE for short!! crazy eh? I've decided to return on a part time basis and reduce my hours to a four day week in my full time position, so quite likely LuckyRainbowDesigns will become more of a hobby and Etsy business for the next two years with the exception of Christmas, Easter, Summer holidays etc!

I'm looking forward to returning but at the same time I'm very nervous and slightly worried about being able to handle the MA and regular job workload. My plan is to become one of those highly organised almost control freak like people!.....or at the very least I'll but myself a diary!

Starting on September 29th! wish me luck! :)
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