06 July, 2010

Happiness is.......

.....going back to college! (yikes!) I've been accepted onto a new Masters programme in the Limerick School of Art in Design and I'm happy to say I've accepted the place! Now queue really long MA title.....ahem I shall be studying for a Masters in Art & Design in Social Practice & The Creative Environment! or MAD SPACE for short!! crazy eh? I've decided to return on a part time basis and reduce my hours to a four day week in my full time position, so quite likely LuckyRainbowDesigns will become more of a hobby and Etsy business for the next two years with the exception of Christmas, Easter, Summer holidays etc!

I'm looking forward to returning but at the same time I'm very nervous and slightly worried about being able to handle the MA and regular job workload. My plan is to become one of those highly organised almost control freak like people!.....or at the very least I'll but myself a diary!

Starting on September 29th! wish me luck! :)


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