25 April, 2010

Packages and getting real!

....I've just spent a very long but fun day putting together some large custom orders! So now the sitting room resembles a post office full of brown paper packages destined for Mayo, Louth, Kildare and the USA....If everyday was this busy for LuckyRainbowDesigns, I could easily make this my full time job (on the wish list!)......however I'm going to have to sit down and work out some serious figures as I think I'm under charging....well I don't think, I know! To be honest I'm not paying myself for all the labour I put into each card and I spend so long creating them, that really I should pay myself a little something....maybe its because I already have a well paid full time job, that the money doesn't seem to be the issue for me...BUT if this is something I want to make a proper go of, then I need to get real......soon! :)

21 April, 2010

New Treasury!

.....Yea I snagged myself a little treasury this morning, it seems like all the Irish Etsy gals did in fact - we just must have all logged on at the same time and got lucky! (even if I was meant to be working in my 9 - 5 job!! naughty naughty)

I decided to select some favourite items from sellers I've found since I've started my Etsy journey....a few things that I would just love to purchase if you wish. Feel free to have a look and make a comment.

A little moan.....

..........forgive me I'm going to have a little moan today.....

firstly it's Wednesday morning, I'd like it to be Thursday evening, 5pm to be approx! When this particular time arrives, I shall be finished work for a long weekend and two friends who were due to fly to Turkey last week for their hols are now coming to the epi-centre of Limerick for their hols as the whole volcanic ash nightmare resulted in their holiday being cancelled! (for the record, if that was me, there would be no talking to me!)

Secondly, I really really really want it to be June 2013...for that means Robert (my tall other half) will be finished his degree! The recession cost him his job a while back and he took the brave decision to start another degree and re-train in another area. (Pharmaceutical and Forensic Analysis for those of you interested).....our life has changed alot since he's become a student again, gone are the days of extravagant holidays and mini breaks away and in its place are trips to Aldi on a Saturday, a visit to his mum's on a Sunday and lots of study in between!

thirdly, we've have about 2 weeks of yum sunshine in Limerick and across Ireland now and apparently it shall be all gone tomorrow......the (dare I say it) rain it returning to rear it's ugly head once more.....ok now rant over!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

18 April, 2010

Naughty Blogger!

I havn't blogged in over a week........numerous reasons really! the combination of a 9-5 job (with on-call duties) and then running into the LuckyRainbow studio has me shattered this week....however I will push on!

On a more positive note, I've been trying to catch some sunshine however I may have caught a tad too much this week...I gotten sunburnt!! tut tut tut I hear you say! Patches of sunburn can be found on part of my legs, chest and left arm......Yes I am one of those pasty girls who just burns, never tans! When on holidays, people say "is this your first day?" and I grumpily reply with gritted teeth "NO!!!, its my seventh!!"...........yup, the girl that doesn't tan, thats me.....and the girl who has several orders to get out today......thats me too!!! Better dash!

Have a lovely SUN-day! :)

11 April, 2010

Custom Order Success! :)

Afternoon everyone, I hope you're enjoying the incredible sunshine out there!!!
I'm afraid I am not.......why?......Well I thought it would be a great idea to head out last night, and I'm paying for it today! :(

.......however the good news is that I had been working away on a few samples over the last few days for a lovely lady called Jenny. She contacted me out of blue asking if I could create some specific thank you cards for a conference she is hosting in NUI Maynooth......I emailed her three samples and she loved them so much she ordered a bunch of all them! Hurragh!

Check out the photo's......thank you to our recent bout of sunshine for helping to create some great natural light! Also, do you like my new card stand? picked it up in IKEA for a savage 89c! whooo!

09 April, 2010

The Weekend Ahead!

...........so what are you plans for the weekend everyone?

...........as Limerick is due to experience some warm sunshine (yes, I said the word warm and sunshine in the same sentenance!), I can see myself sitting in my flower-less (future summer project) back garden with my dinky white garden furniture sipping a wee white vino whilst sucking up some Vitamin D from our nearest star!
..........in between Vitamin D vino enduced breaks, I shall be working on four wonderful custom orders this weekend, starting right after (I promise) I finish writing this post. I love custom orders and love it more when they love the finished product! (Did I say love enough times??......No?.....love, love, love.....LOVE!)

..........and then finally on Sunday I'll be visiting the varied Bedford Row Market in Limerick to say hello to Ruth of Nice Day Designs, her new brooches are calling me!..maybe I'll fit in a stroll around the peoples park too........and then probably around 7pm, I'll start getting the Monday work blues..........but for now, enjoy the weekend everyone and I hope it's sunny where you are! :)

08 April, 2010

Bad Karma

I've just had a 'karma' incident in the local Spar and now I'm full of guilt! Let me explain......Off I went for a few items, there's no grub in the house and I said to myself, "a frozen pizza will do, you can work it off tomorrow!"...... One frozen pizza, two litres of milk, a sneaky bottle of vino and choccie bar (a small on, mind you!) later I find myself at the cash register. €12.69 said the nice lady in her polish limerick accent....I gathered lots of change out of my purse and said "Here's €2.69 in change" and then gave her a €20 note on top....a nice even €10 in change I expected.....The nice Spar lady gave me €10 exactly whilst talking to her spar colleague, shut the till and as I was walking out the door I heard "oh...oh, wait"....I looked, she handed me another €10 note....I took it (a tad confused)....and walked out.........oh dear! "Keep walking Rebecca, Don't.turn.back......................What to do next? Friends suggest saying a prayer to make it even, the boyfriend is at football, but when I tell him he'll say "Sweet!" (typical (mature) student!).........answers on a blogpost comment postcard please! :(

07 April, 2010

At last.....a NEW and ORGANISED Studio Space

.......organised being the operative word in that sentence!

....and so it began, a 7am start "to avoid the traffic" he said, "I wan't be back in Limerick early to watch a match" he said, and then we hit the well travelled road from all corners of Ireland to IKEA! Ever since I knew IKEA was coming to Ireland, I wanted to be there....and to be honest when we did eventutally get there I was so excited I ran in the door like a child running to her presents on Christmas morning! (no joke!)......the goal, a new working and storage space so that I could finally revamp THAT room, the so called LuckyRainbow studio that was "doing my head in" (so to speak) for the last year or so........Lots of um's and ah's could be heard from the home organisation section (A home organisation section!!!!! it doesn't get better then that!)...when finally low and behold I selected my new birch wood huge work station......she is now known as birchy, the huge work station! (brownie points for originality please!).....so drumroll please....as I show you the horrible, gloomy before pictures followed by the beautiful, oh so exciting, a pleasure to work in NEW LuckyRainbowDesign studio!!!! (hear thunderous rounds of applause!)

Before :(

And now.....

Ta DA!!!!!!

06 April, 2010

Technical Difficulties Resolved!

Hurragh (followed by a wee dance!) - photo issues and laptop craziness resolved!!!

This is a teeny tiny update consisting mostly of photos to show you what I've been up to lately!! Enjoy! :)X

05 April, 2010

New Projects!

First of all, apologies for no photo - my laptop is screaming at me to burn photos from my laptop to CD's in the hope of freeing up some much needed space. When I decided to do this, I soon realised the software I normally use to do this has somehow disspeared from the desktop! We think Robert dumped it while doing some spring cleaning! OOPPS!! - this leaves me in an awful position, I've lots of new listings for etsy and can't get them up for you all to see!! :(

However on a more positive note, its been a productive week. I had two more sales on etsy, I've pretty much secured a large order of 80 - 90 thank you wedding cards for a good friend, and I also secured a smaller order. I've also put some work into completing my Wedding Invitation portfolio to show to perspective clients and I'm pleased with the results so far.....again as soon as I'm sorted and back on my technology feet, I list some images for you all to look at! :)

Also, the new and improved LuckyRainbowDesign studio is up and running - before and after shots soon to follow! Thank you to the wonderful people in IKEA for all things flat back - I shall be back as arnie says! After my wonderful Easter break, I'm back to the full time job tomorrow - however I HAVE to plan and stick to my week as follows:

  • Tuesday evening - Irish class followed by some training for my up and coming 10k run (madness I know!)
  • Wednesday evening - Create some Wedding Thank You samples and get ready for posting
  • Thursday evening - Update my etsy siopa and all things technology
  • Friday evening (its the weekend - hurragh!) - Create, Create, Create with a glass of vino of course!
Ugh....Roll on the weekend! :)
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