21 April, 2010

A little moan.....

..........forgive me I'm going to have a little moan today.....

firstly it's Wednesday morning, I'd like it to be Thursday evening, 5pm to be approx! When this particular time arrives, I shall be finished work for a long weekend and two friends who were due to fly to Turkey last week for their hols are now coming to the epi-centre of Limerick for their hols as the whole volcanic ash nightmare resulted in their holiday being cancelled! (for the record, if that was me, there would be no talking to me!)

Secondly, I really really really want it to be June 2013...for that means Robert (my tall other half) will be finished his degree! The recession cost him his job a while back and he took the brave decision to start another degree and re-train in another area. (Pharmaceutical and Forensic Analysis for those of you interested).....our life has changed alot since he's become a student again, gone are the days of extravagant holidays and mini breaks away and in its place are trips to Aldi on a Saturday, a visit to his mum's on a Sunday and lots of study in between!

thirdly, we've have about 2 weeks of yum sunshine in Limerick and across Ireland now and apparently it shall be all gone tomorrow......the (dare I say it) rain it returning to rear it's ugly head once more.....ok now rant over!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

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