24 November, 2009

Never enough time!

In 11 days time I fly out to Nepal!!!!!! (queue screams of excitment!), however before I do all that, I have a craft fair to prepare for (150 cards needed and more!), personal Christmas card orders to make for friends and co-workers (about 60 cards in total), I also have to prepare a gift hamper for someone else, and then there is the business of Christmas shopping, buying items I need for Nepal and of course working the 9 - 5.30 job!! argh!!! there isn't enough time!! ever!!!! Who wants to help me.....for free??? :(

19 November, 2009

Nepal - December 5th - 28th 2009!!

Sorry if I make a few of you jealous but in two weeks time I'm jetting off on a mini travel adventure. I'm off to Nepal for Christmas and I will be working in a childrens home teaching English, Art and basic life skills....I may even get a card making class or two in there!! I think it would be something the children would enjoy! I'm nervous about the trip, probably because i have a fear of flying, so god help the person sitting next to me on the planes to London, Doa & Katmandu!!! However, it will be the trip of a lifetime and I'm planning on squeezing as much in as possible!! I cannot wait to use my camera over there, I will be snap happy thats for sure!! so watch out for the shots on my return!!!

18 November, 2009

Craft Fair Prep!!!

Greetings one and all!!!

This week has been a very busy and productive week. I am currently preparing for craft fair numero two and I've spent alot of time creating numerous cards to make it all look juuuuust right!!! I've taken a few shots and have a bout 70 - 80 cards made to sell! I'll also be appearing at the UL LImerick Farmers Market on December 1st and I'm trying to source some sort of gazebo to hire for the day!! So if any of you bloggers out there know of anyone be source to let me know pretty please!! :)

Now off to the studio for the next 4 hours!! :)

14 November, 2009

Where did the name 'LuckyRainbow' come from Rebecca??

As LuckyRainbowDesigns becomes more known, many people have been asking me where the name orignated......well that's a wee story that dates all the way back to my Art college years in the Limerick School of Art and Designs. For those of you who experienced life as a student and particularly life as an art student, you spend many years counting the pennies and hoping a few more will come your way...on two occasions in college, the first in first year, the second in third year....I was digging and clearing out a handmade wooly rainbow bag I purchased in Thailand and a sequined sparkly rainbow purse. Each one I hadn't used it in a while, however I took it upon myself to clean them out....low and behold, deep in the bottom of the Rainbow wooly bag, I found £5!! (this was in the days before the euro arrived).....from there on in, I've found rainbows to be lucky.

On the second occasion, I had a sparkly Rainbow purse, a present to myself on my 21st birthday....and again one day, I had a look through it and found €15!!!! It may not seem like much, but when you're a student finding money is like winning the lotto!....so from there on in the name LuckyRainbow was born......on a more personal note I have always loved cards, both giving and receiving and have always spent large amounts of money finding the perfect card for someone special!....however in the back of mind, I always felt I could contribute in someway, so i always joked that if I ever had a "card making company"...it would be called LuckyRainbowDesigns.......and so the story continues! :)

13 November, 2009

Come and see LuckyRainbowDesigns in action!

Two big dates for your diary....especially if you're in the Munster (Ireland) area, more so if you're in Lovely Limerick.... LuckyRainbowDesigns will be selling at the following events!
*Friday, November 20th - Mungret GAA Hall, Co Limerick at the Sparke & Shine Event
*Tuesday, December 1st, University of Limerick Farmers Market from 12 - 5pm

Come along and get all your special handmade cards at affordable prices! I also hope to have a range of handmade paper decorations! The direction of LuckyRainbowDesigns for 2010 will be expanding, but more about that after Christmas! :)

Hope to see you the events!! :)x

11 November, 2009

Hurragh for my new lens!!!

At last, at last the wait is over, my replacement Canon Lens arrived today and I could have nearly kissed the DHL man I was that excited!!.....so seeing as I have my new buddy back, let me show you some scrap-happy Christmas cards I have been working on!

On a positive note, Christmas orders are flowing in, I'm so happy its taken off with a real bang! I'm super busy and this weekend will see me locked away in my studio, but I don't mind, I love it and enjoy it so so much!!

Any feedback you have is always appreciated!! :)x

09 November, 2009


so, some of you guys know that I purchased my most lusted after Canon EOS 1000D camera.....i call her Ciara and I lurve her!!!!......well Ciara had an accent on Saturday!! uh oh I hear you cry....long story short, she got a wee knock and went flying off a table onto the ground.....millions of tears and sniffles later, Ciara's EF-S 18-55mm lens needs replacing......thank god for the internet, I'm expecting a new one tomorrow!! BUT I'm so upset over it....firstly I feel sooo stupid that it happened in the first place and also because of the money needed to replace it!!!! AND I'm usually oh so careful with her!!!.....i guess it's just one of those things!!! :( x

07 November, 2009

Some Scrap Happy Designs

Not sure about you guys, but I keep nearly every little scrap of paper! I'm convinved they have a second life span....so here are some photos of mini creations I made this morning!! I call this the scrap happy collection! Ah the joy of recycling.......or should that be the joy of being a horder!!! :)

I'll show mine if you show yours! :)

Today my ickle studio space (formally a bedroom) needed a tidy up and a big tidy up at that!!! I've see so many amazing studio spaces that people have shared that I decided to take a before and after picture of my little space! I can't wait for the day I get to travel all the way up to Dublin to IKEA so bag myself some great storage and shelving stuff - it's urgently needed!! However I think it may be a New's Resolution....I'm off to Nepal in 4 weeks (more about that later) so I've little time on my hands!

06 November, 2009

Hurragh to the cutestblog website!!

Ugh after what seemed like months of research I finally figured out how to get one of those cute fixed blog backgrounds!!!! whoooo I feel I'm getting somewhere at last!!! :) These backgrounds certainly give a more professional feel to my blog page!!

Next goal: get some more followers!! :)

Still trying to figure it all out!!!

so, for those of you who don't know, creating handmade cards is not my full my job and oh how I wish it was....one day!! For the moment, I'm trying to create the perfect blog, website, facebook business page etc and I'm starting to realise it takes alot of work! and I mean ALOT!! which of course I'm prepared to put in, I'm sure it will be all worth it in the end, but I'm turning into a perfectionist! I've seen all these amazing blogs with all these gadets etc and I just don't know HOW its done!!! I have to say I'm jealous of all you out there who have it figured out!!! any hints of tips are always appreciated!!!

On the Christmas Card front, my work is in demand this season....AND I'm participating in my second craft fair! The Glitz and Sparkle event, Mungret GAA Hall on November 20th - all welcome! Its also for a great cause too! So come along if you're in the area! the next two days will be spent working oh so hard to get some great cards out there! The other half is away for a few days, so I've no excuse not to get some great work done! I'll be sure to upload it all when ready!!!

Fooling Around!!!

Hey guys,

I mentioned I got myself a swanky new canon camera after lots and lots of research!!! So here are a few photos of myself and Robert (I've never mentioned him before - a blogging first!) and a few other things I've captured in the first few days! :)x

27 October, 2009

Ciara - the Canon Camera!!!!

Whooooo, just a quick post to say i got my new swanky camera that I've been lusting over for quite some time now!!!! get ready for a photo explosion!!! :)

14 October, 2009


OOOOppsss still trying to figure out all things multiledia after my time out from Art College following on my from last mini blog, see attached more photos to have a goo at!:)

Phew!!! this is hard work!!

Phew this is hard work!! designing, photographing, blogging, uploading....you get the picture! I envy those out there who get to do this as their full time job, how wonderful and fullfilling that must be, can I say I'm jealous! Oh so jealous!!! One day I may get to join you all, but for now and as the saying goes "The kids need shoes"

I've been very busy this week, alot of Christmas card and birthday card orders have come in and that wonderful thing 'word of mouth' is slowly but very surely getting my name around the place! I am grateful to you all!!! so THANK YOU!!! :)

Below is a selection of my most recent creations, I really do love making them! Soon, my website will be ready, I am now the proud owner of http://www.luckyrainbowdesigns.com/ - It's not live yet so don't click!!! :)

29 September, 2009

The Noel Collection - Christmas 2009

Yes, yes, yes I know you don't want to hear the 'C' word, but we all know that those who prepare well for the 'C' word tend to have a stress free (I'm just going to say it!) Christmas!! and with this in mind I have launched the first of my first ever Christmas Card Collections. The Noel Collection takes traditional colours and uses them to cream bright, colourful and thoughtful Christmas cards which you can send to your loved ones all around the world!

Remember, if you're looking for a particular card or wish to have something specific created for you, then look no further! LuckyRainbowDesigns is here to help and ensure that you get the perfect card you're looking for!! Be sure to email me (luckyrainbowdesigns@gmail.com) to get those Christmas orders in soon!

17 September, 2009

I'm only new!!!

So while blogging has been around for what seems like centuries, I can safely and proudly say with my arms waving high in the air..."I'm only new!!!". Just like your first day on the job when you break the copier the trusty and fool proof sentence of "I'm only new" can literally save you and all is forgiven!

With this in mind, if i make a huge blogging error and I'm cast to the digital hell depths of the blogging world...well then I shal be shouting "I'm only new!". (followed by..."and I'm only human!"......hmmm wonder how long I can get away with that!)
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