14 November, 2009

Where did the name 'LuckyRainbow' come from Rebecca??

As LuckyRainbowDesigns becomes more known, many people have been asking me where the name orignated......well that's a wee story that dates all the way back to my Art college years in the Limerick School of Art and Designs. For those of you who experienced life as a student and particularly life as an art student, you spend many years counting the pennies and hoping a few more will come your way...on two occasions in college, the first in first year, the second in third year....I was digging and clearing out a handmade wooly rainbow bag I purchased in Thailand and a sequined sparkly rainbow purse. Each one I hadn't used it in a while, however I took it upon myself to clean them out....low and behold, deep in the bottom of the Rainbow wooly bag, I found £5!! (this was in the days before the euro arrived).....from there on in, I've found rainbows to be lucky.

On the second occasion, I had a sparkly Rainbow purse, a present to myself on my 21st birthday....and again one day, I had a look through it and found €15!!!! It may not seem like much, but when you're a student finding money is like winning the lotto!....so from there on in the name LuckyRainbow was born......on a more personal note I have always loved cards, both giving and receiving and have always spent large amounts of money finding the perfect card for someone special!....however in the back of mind, I always felt I could contribute in someway, so i always joked that if I ever had a "card making company"...it would be called LuckyRainbowDesigns.......and so the story continues! :)

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