14 December, 2010

NYC trip advice

Since coming back from New York, many of my friends and family were surprised to hear that I didn't do the typical Irish stint of visiting the shopping outlets....and a few people have asked "Where the heck are the flea markets you went to?"...and so this post is born, a few tips for the off the beaten track places I ventured to!

I just knew that the flea markets and thrift store would be nothing short of amazing in NYC and I wasn't dissapointed! I went to the Annex Antique Fair 7 Flea Market on 6th avenue from 24th to 27th street. Somewhere along 25th, I found a sign stating loud and proud "Market...this way!" and so I followed it into the most amazing warehouse of fur coats, prints, vintage cameras and so much more! Highly recommend this area!

There are also markets on Columbus Avenue between 76th and 77th street on a Sunday from 10 -6 as well as a Saturday flea market from 11 - 7 in Greenwich village.

You are spoiled for choice in NYC when it comes to food! - I just couldn't get over the amount of choice! However I was keen to try a red velvet cupcake after reading about them.....they're YUM! If you yourself near one, make sure to tuck in! You won't regret it! (Your hips might......but you won't!)

Deli's are also amazing (and cheaper!) - again HEAPS of choice and everything tastes delicious!

I heart Art galleries and I heart them even more in NYC for some reason. Get your map out and trek down to Chelsea to see some of the independent art galleries and great shows on offer. They're free! Alternatively you could visit the larger, world famous galleries such as MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) where I went.

As for the usual sights, central park is beautiful, relaxing and more importantly free! Grab yourself a cheap and tasty hot dog, take in the sights and relax from the hustle and bustle of the city! I can see why New Yorkers love it so much!

13 December, 2010

New York

How amazing is the melting pot city that is New York?? So amazing that I want to move there.....seriously!

A selection of photos from my recent trip! :)


06 December, 2010

Hello from NYC!!

Today is my last day in NYC....booo!!! its such a fantastic, crazy, happening place that I'm sure I want to emigrate and live here for a while....only another few years of college life left and then myself and himself can pack our bags!!

My suitcase....is packed to the brim with new crafty supplies!! After much searching I found an amazing store and I had to stop myself from buying so much! I spent over $165 BUT for that I got an amazing amount of stuff! Especially ribbon and tools that I had been drooling over on the web, but could not bring myself to pay the shipping or tax prices for!!

I also hit the flea markets.....and well, they're an experience!! Most irish fly to NYC and hit the outlets for 5 days straight! Honestly, I had zero interest in clothes shopping, all I wanted was to drink hot coffees in cool galleries and people watch! I did plenty of that and caught some great exhibitions! My big find, was a vintage 1950's hermes typewritter....my eyes lit up when I saw it and the lady selling it said I could have it for $100 as she knew it would go to a good home.....now wish me luck, I hope the nice people in JFK let me take it on the plane as hand luggage!! See pic below of similar model!

 ADORABLE!! I'm looking foward to typing my first letter!! I also did a bit of research on these and they are selling on the world wide web for $395!! Looks like I got myself a little bargain!!

The LuckyRainbow Etsy shop willl open again in a weeks time....after I get my hands on my new crafty stash!!!

28 November, 2010

Christmas Orders!

Putting the last touches to a few christmas orders before my NYC trip on Wednesday! Here's a little peek at some cards heading across the sea this week! Apologies for lack of editing on these shots....as you can imagine I'm rushing to get orders compelted! (but of course.....not comprimising on quality! :) )

Also, on a separate note, I was due to launch my Christmas giveaway on Friday but due to unforseen circumstances I was unable to....however I will be posting information on the event early tomorrow instead! Apologies for the delay LuckyRainbowers!!! :)

24 November, 2010

Christmas Custom Orders

I've been a busy little bee this week, working away on a number of Christmas custom orders. Below is a sneek peek of an order making its way over to London to Laurie, a good friend of mine!

The traditional colours of red, red and more red dominate some of my mini creations, however I'm loving the cream, tan and purple hues of some paper I recently picked up! While still feeling all Christmas and winter like, they don't elude to the obvious!

I also love to add texture and a sense of the 3D to my cards....gone are the days of flat 2D cards, and my aim is always to create something that you would keep and treasure! A momento to cherish!

I get asked alot, "How long does it take you to make a card?"...and the honest answer is, "it varies!"....there are times when I can stare at a stash of paper and get no inspiration what so ever. In the case, I usually get up, walk away and make some tea. Then there are times, when I get create pretty card, after pretty card...however the most painful part of the process is that I tend to crouch over my desk and in turn end up with a sore back (which I have right now!)

Hope these cards are getting you in the festive mood...only 30 shopping days left until Christmas Day! You can order from LuckyRainbowDesigns up to December 15th!

22 November, 2010

Christmas Giveaway!

The season of goodwill is nearly upon us and in response, LuckyRainbowDesigns will be sharing the love and embarking on a Christmas give-away for you all to enter!

Details of the prize and terms and conditions will be released on Friday, November 16th and I can assure you it will be worth your while to enter! Information regarding the giveaway will be published via the LuckyRainbow blog and facebook page (and probably twitter too....but I rarely use that account if I'm honest!)

Stay tuned! :)

20 November, 2010

Today I heart.....

....Kawaiiithings...a cute, wonderful if not magaical shop from South Korea selling on etsy!

My obsession with all things paper and cute always leads me to some amazing shops!  I have a friend living in Japan at the moment and I have him warned that if he sees anything similar to the folllowing, please ship immediatley to LuckyRainbowDesigns! Everything is just so cute and I can only imagine the amazing items I could make!

19 November, 2010

The Countdown is on!

The countdown is on to.....living the life as a full time LuckyRainbower...a whole 10 days......followed by the countdown to NYC! (11 days for those of you who are wondering!). Excitment central is taking over!

Stay tuned for a week of updates, some new and exciting Christmas stock and a very special Christmas giveaway!

Rebecca x

09 November, 2010

LuckyRainbow Orders....Where's mine?

To keep myself sane and organised I've created a calander which clearly marks when I am making each order recevied to date. As you can see its a tad hectic and you have to remember on top of all this I have a full time job and I've commenced a part time MA this year! I just love putting pressure on myself!! ha ha!

The bonus of this calender is that you the customer can see where you order is, and when you can expect to recieve it! it also keeps me on my toes and up to date with my work! There is also some room available for more orders if you're thinking of contacting me, and I wanted to let you know that from November 20th - 28th I will be off work to concentrate on everything Etsy for the festive season!

If you require some special Christmas cards, visit the LuckyRainbow Etsy shop (http://www.etsy.com/shop/LuckyRainbowDesigns) or alternatively you can email me by contacting luckyrainbowdesigns@gmail.com

08 November, 2010

23 Days to NYC....

....and so I selected a few NYC themed Etsy items with excitement!

BrooklynBibShop - how cute (and practical!) are these!
Nestahome - Love, love, love cushions! Thats all!
ScarlettBeautiful2 - I've always hearted the idea of NY and even more so the idea of travelling there! i'm defo buying one of those touristy I heart NY T-shirts!!
The Postage Service - When I was about 10, I collected stamps - Yes I was that cool! I had dreams of coming across a penny black and becoming a millionaire!!
SimpleShapes - I also had notions of living in an NYC loft apartment. I didn't want a house, a mansion or a bungalow - just a modern loft apartment with a skyline view....I still kinda want that!

07 November, 2010

Christmas 2010!

At last, I've gotten around to making some Christmas cards for sale on my etsy shop! Between work and study I seriously thought I'd have to say no to any Christmas orders this year but I'm pleased to say this is not the case! Hurragh!! :)

See below, a little taster of whats to come in the LuckyRainbow store later on today!

23 October, 2010

AIR 2010

AIR 2010 is Art in Residence week which is an event which I have been running in the University of Limerick this week. The event offers students who live on campus the chance to select a framed piece of from a collection to hang in their house or apartment for the duration of their stay on campus. Doing so, allows students to add a personal touch to their home and gives them access to professional work they might not otherwise see.

In order to make the event even better this year, I jazzed it up! This week students were offered the chance to take part in free taster art classes. Four different classes in ceramics, life drawing, painting and manga drawing took places in three student villages and each one proved to be popular. There was also a film night where the film Frida, depicting the life of Spanish painter Frida Kahlo was shown and finally we had the Art Bus.

The Art bus was a free trip into a number of destinations in Limerick city. First stop was the Hunt Museum who offered us a very interesting tour around their permanent collection as well as a look at their current exhibition. Next, we made out way to Occupy Space studios and finally to the wonderful printmakers who took time to show the students various printing techniques as well as a tour around their gallery space and studios.

Although UL is not known as an art college, it was great to see interest from so many students during the week!

09 October, 2010

Back to College!

Yup I'm a pesky student once more!! A part time pesky student that is! I'm one week into that part MA that is ahem....cue very long title... Masters in Art & Design - Social Practice and The Creative Environment, or MAD SPACE for short - nifty short name eh?

One week in, and I with three others are first up for our group presentation next Thursday...ah sure it might be a bonus to be first up!!! (or at least that's what I'm telling myself and each other!)

On another note.....How on earth will I juggle everything? I'm already finding it weird alternating my thinking!! One minute its all Village talk and disciplinary meetings, the next its "But yes..hmmm, is it REALLY art?" and then its "Oh yea, I said I'd make some cards for her! and I really have to update my Etsy shop!"... I, my friends shall become a lady of juggling talents! If you have any time management ideas out there (apart from cloning myself!) do share!

Right, I'm off to do some research on the legacy an artist can give to a community! Suggestions welcome!

03 October, 2010

Today I Heart....

.....so many things from the Etsy Ireland shops!!

Here's a little selection:

How GORGEOUS is this hat by Bonzie!! I recently spotted a similar piece when they were exhibiting at the Limerick Milk Market. They are simply beautiful, statement pieces to treasure and I want one sooooo bad!! Time to start saving!

I have to admit, I've had my eye on this jacket for some time now! Its simplistic style is right up my street and its the kind of jacket you could dress up or down. I love it! I also love the shop it came from, Dandelion Daydreamer!

A pretty Queen Anne button ring curtosy of Magpie and Button, not only is her jewellery innovative and oh so cute, but her packaging is to die for! It's something that I'm trying to work on myself!

Enjoy!!! :)

02 October, 2010

Claiming Our Future Event

Hey everyone!!!

First of all it may have seemed that I have disappeared of the face of the plant or indeed Etsy itself. I've been working on lots of custom orders away from Etsy and some wedding work too (I'll upload some images soon).

However I would like to try and draw your attention to the following event. The Claiming Our Future Event is taking place in the RDS, Dublin on October 30th and will be a platform for all you great people out there to have say in the future of Ireland. It's not an event that has been orgnanised by any political party or trade union, its simply a day when people with all types of background and experience can come together to exchange ideas about making change in Ireland. Below is some information taken from their website

Ireland is at a critical moment. You can help turn this crisis into a positive turning point.
Claiming our Future is a unique event. It offers a chance for people, trade unions, community organisations, environmental groups and other civil society organisations to not just talk about a better way – but to take new inspiring steps. It aims to foster a unity across civil society and to power a progressive movement to reshape Ireland’s recovery and claim our social values.
Claiming our Future will launch and mould that movement for an equal, sustainable and thriving Ireland. Already, individuals, communities and progressive groups from every corner of Ireland
have begun to get involved.

Personally I will be attending the event and meeting up with friends who will be there also and I'll be undertaking some research for my masters (more on that later!). I really think the Etsy people of Ireland could and have some great, inspiring ideas that will contribute in a positive way to the above event! Entry is free into the event, but you do need to register at www.claimingourfuture.ie

Hope to see you there!

16 September, 2010

Today I Heart....

......DOUBLE Rainbows!!!

If I was self - employed.............

..........I would most likely sleep in until 10am, but I'd make up for it by working late. I'd take tea breaks and eat biscuits, stop for a few glimpses of day time TV and take strolls in between work. If I was self-employed I wouldn't have to attend meetings, I'd only have meetings with myself. I would have no one to motivate but myself and targets that personally don't mean anything would be a thing of the past. I would only set agendas for me, myself and I and take minutes at a snails pace.

If I was self employed, holidays and days off could be taken at any time of the year and on call would be a thing of the past. If I was self-employed I would have to pay rent......and......bills.......boooo to that!

If I was self-employed I would most likely continue to day dream, if not on a more regular basis.......thats a good thing, right?

10 September, 2010

Here comes the bride....

......no not me!

I've been working on some wedding invitations over the last few days for a colleague in work. The colours in her wedding party are very specific and I must admit I had some trouble trying to source the perfect colour of fuchsia, however I did not fail in my attempts! After much chat the lovely bride to be has finally decided to go ahead with one of the invites included in my photos listed.......Which one do you think she choose? What's your favourite?

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