09 October, 2010

Back to College!

Yup I'm a pesky student once more!! A part time pesky student that is! I'm one week into that part MA that is ahem....cue very long title... Masters in Art & Design - Social Practice and The Creative Environment, or MAD SPACE for short - nifty short name eh?

One week in, and I with three others are first up for our group presentation next Thursday...ah sure it might be a bonus to be first up!!! (or at least that's what I'm telling myself and each other!)

On another note.....How on earth will I juggle everything? I'm already finding it weird alternating my thinking!! One minute its all Village talk and disciplinary meetings, the next its "But yes..hmmm, is it REALLY art?" and then its "Oh yea, I said I'd make some cards for her! and I really have to update my Etsy shop!"... I, my friends shall become a lady of juggling talents! If you have any time management ideas out there (apart from cloning myself!) do share!

Right, I'm off to do some research on the legacy an artist can give to a community! Suggestions welcome!


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