23 October, 2010

AIR 2010

AIR 2010 is Art in Residence week which is an event which I have been running in the University of Limerick this week. The event offers students who live on campus the chance to select a framed piece of from a collection to hang in their house or apartment for the duration of their stay on campus. Doing so, allows students to add a personal touch to their home and gives them access to professional work they might not otherwise see.

In order to make the event even better this year, I jazzed it up! This week students were offered the chance to take part in free taster art classes. Four different classes in ceramics, life drawing, painting and manga drawing took places in three student villages and each one proved to be popular. There was also a film night where the film Frida, depicting the life of Spanish painter Frida Kahlo was shown and finally we had the Art Bus.

The Art bus was a free trip into a number of destinations in Limerick city. First stop was the Hunt Museum who offered us a very interesting tour around their permanent collection as well as a look at their current exhibition. Next, we made out way to Occupy Space studios and finally to the wonderful printmakers who took time to show the students various printing techniques as well as a tour around their gallery space and studios.

Although UL is not known as an art college, it was great to see interest from so many students during the week!

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