27 May, 2010

New Stamp!

....this cheeky chappy eventually arrived in the post from America despite all the volcanic ash mess!

When putting it together I really put the order through very quickly and just asked the designer to create a rainbow over the font! I like the finished product but to be honest I'm not 100% sure about the actual logo. When I get a chance I'll sit down and create my own and get a proper one, but for now the above is stamp is perfect for my cards and adds that professional touch plus advertises my etsy page! :)

24 May, 2010

I'm alive.....I swear!!!

In the past I've considered myself to be naughty if I didn't blog in over a week and now I havn't blogged in nearly a month!!!!......so to all of you out there wondering where I am, I promise I'm alive....I swear!

So what has happened in the last month! Well the full time job has gotten really crazy lately, hence the lack of blog posts and creativity appearing on Etsy, Facebook and the likes! I have to say I have felt soooo guilty about it, wondering if people would stop following me (they probably have), if Etsy Ireland would disown me and if people generally thought I was a one hit wonder......eeeek I hope not!

Also, the other reason was that the creativity bursts usually take place at the weekend for LuckyRainbow, but the month of May for me has contained, one wedding, two hen parties and two birthdays...so out went the weekends of crafts and in arrived drinking in hotel bars until 5am (Ruth from NiceDay Designs knows what I'm on about!) and getting the fake tan on every weekend....I'm not finished yet, I'm off to my second hen party this weekend!

In arty farty terms, I've done a very small amount of work....I've been tipping away at 90 thank you cards for the lovely John & Alma, my new stamp arrived today and it looks well...photos to follow and I also made a wedding book which foolishly I didnt photograph! however now that I know I can make them, I'll chance me hand at making a few more!!

Soooooo, my next blog post will be on Thursday and will be full of new products!!! HURRAGH!....I'm off to the studio now to make a timetable for myself!!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you're enjoying the sunshine if you're in Ireland!
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