07 November, 2012

On being fickle..

I get bored easily and I also get distracted easily. I change my mind on a regular basis and every few weeks I have a new life plan, goal or mini project in my head or on the go. Now that my MA is complete, I'm eagerly searching out the next big project, but after a few weeks, there's a danger I'll get bored again and want to try something else. I my friends, am one of those fun fickle people. (Fun fact; I only recently found out what fickle meant). I seek out distraction all the time, I think laterally and creatively and like to work on multiple small projects at a time rather than on one big, long time consuming project and I tend not to like working with a brief. I need the space (and crafty tools!) to play, work on and tease out ideas and also, most importantly the time and freedom to change them if necessary. So as well as being fickle, I clearly don't like rules either! ( I sound like the worlds greatest employee, don't I?)

A fine example of me demonstrating how I get bored easily is evident in my over flowing craft room. I'm always looking for new stock and quickly push aside previously purchased stock as it doesn't inspire like it once did. I have oodles of paper, I mean loads and loads and I'm really never stuck for anything. So I've decided that I have to look inside this room as being a room full of money...everything in there has cost me something and its time it started earning for itself. I've told myself that I'm not allowed to buy anymore craft stock until 2013 (ok, ok I know its only 2 months away...but..) and instead, I've to get reacquainted with all my previously purchased paper. Lets call them old friends, shall we? Lets be all thrifty with these old friends and let them fulfill their crafty potential and make fabulous cards darling!

In life in general ('cas you know this list extends out of the craft room) I also have a mini fickle list of things I want to 'try', 'change for good' or' amend'. 

On the "try" list is the following;

Photography Skills 
I have a fancy-smancy camera, it's time I learned a bit more about it and how to use it, properly...like a grown up!
Lets make like cute little grannies and get our embroidery groove on! No seriously, I'd love to learn a bit more about this technique and give it a whirl.
I have a fancy-smancy sewing machine (I have alot of fancy-smancy things) and, well....I can't work it!   Someone help - please! It shouldn't just sit there....mind you it does look pretty sitting there, but it needs to be set free.

On the 'amend' list;

The LuckyRainbowDesigns website and this very blog 
I'm seriously considering hiring someone for this 'cas try as I may, I just cant get the 'look' I'm looking for. If you're a graphic / web designer and you're bloody good, well I might be calling you!
Amend the craft space. Its asking for a new lick of paint, oh and lots of new Ikea furniture too. I really want this baby! 

On the 'change for good' list

Ah the old firm favourite, get fitter, healthier and er...slimmer! (Don't we all want this?) 

Even though I'm an ultimate list setter, I don't see too much harm in this. Sure, I don't get everything done, but when you have a mind like mine, the odd list or two (read ten!) keeps me on track for at least part of the day anyway.

Any of you fellow fickle people out there have some ideas for being less er...fickle? (I just like saying / writing the word fickle!)


  1. I think me and you are very very similar ! Im convinced my brain doesnt function like others because nobody seems as fickle as me when it come to to do lists. I also want to start embroidery! Loved it when I did it in school but need to find that motivation to actually do it! My creativity has just fallen away

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