08 November, 2012

Today I heart....

Today I heart so many wonderful, yummy and inspiring things! I literally want everything on this list and I especially want to make all the delicious and comforting foods while wearing all the fabulous clothes, boots, jewellery and all while making crafty things.

These beautiful boots and this overall look in general. I was never really a boots, tights and dress gal but recently this has been changing. - via here

This oh so cute tutorial for making a Christmas card. I'm excited to try this out this weekend and add my own alternative twist to it! - via here

Some comfort and sweet food to enjoy while its cold outside while curled on the sofa with a blanket!

This 'Dorothy' inspired print just 'cas - via here

This simple, but super pretty handmade wreath. It would like perfect on your door for Christmas, or anywhere in your home.

This delicate bow necklace, so simple and so sweet - via here

This snuggly scarf - perfect for this time of year - via here

A hearty stew - full of goodness - via here

and finally...this nifty table runner. It speaks to me! - via here

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