20 June, 2010

Today I heart......

Today I heart....is a new blogging post that I'm going to chat about every few days. As the name suggests I shall be listing items found on the wonderful world wide web, in and around Limerick or just found on my travels through the land of Etsy....so for my very first post.....

....Today I heart......NiceDay Designs! (yay!) For those of you living in Limerick (or even near by) the new and improved and very famous (at least in Limerick anyways!) Milk Market has been relaunched! I went into town today to check it out and I was so impressed. Every seller is provided with a stall and the new roof gives an airy, almost circus feel to it! I love it!

Ruth from NiceDay designs was selling on Bedford Row through rain, hail and snow (and occasional sunshine) for three years, so this new covered space is a welcome addition for her! She has worked super hard on her display and as you can see from all the colourful displays it would totally bring a smile to your face. Today I bought one of her cute felt brooches that I know will match one of my coats perfectly! For those of you not in Limerick, check out her etsy shop! Free shipping within Ireland, so its a win-win situation!!

Enjoy everyone!

18 June, 2010

A new look for the blog, lazy long weekends and some great news!

Bliss....bliss....BA-LISSS!!! I'm on my first day of a long weekend and I'm just having the most fab lazy Friday! As I type this it's 11:34, I'm still in my P.J's, listening to my favourite radio station whilst drinking tea ( from my favourite mug) and giving the blog a much needed makeover!......mmmmm this is the life! I think I could be a lady of leisure forever!!

It took me a little while and some patience with my laptop to try and figure out the new additions to blogger but I got there in the end, I do however have to create a new LuckyRainbow banner, something that fits in with the rest of the design.....I shall be testing my photoshop skills to the limit today! :)

I also got some great news today, I applied for the new MA programme in Limerick School of Art & Designs and I got accepted, yea me!.....hmm some serious decision making is required over the weekend!

Hope you're all having a lovely Friday and for those of you heading to the Etsy Cork meeting tomorrow, I shall see you all there!

P.S - tried to upload some nice pictures to accompany this post - but blogger is hating me today! :(

17 June, 2010

At long last...some new work!

.....well well well, it's easily been well over a month since I've made  new work just for the purpose of listing on Etsy!....and as a matter of fact, I havn't had an Etsy sale in over a month and that's simply because I wasn't listing anything!....oh the guilt! I have these visions of possible and would be customers stopping by and being so dissapointed!....well no more!! (until the next bout of craziness from the 9-5 job kicks in!)

The new items above are available through my etsy shop LuckyRainbowDesigns as always! enjoy! :)

14 June, 2010

Where oh where is Rebecca?....

................currently buried under a mountain of large card orders, 9-5 work work work as well as applications to MA programmes!..............There is no time in the day I tell you all! :(

...............However there is time to attend the Etsy Ireland Cork meeting, a well deserved arty break away from Limerick! See you there! :)
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