18 June, 2010

A new look for the blog, lazy long weekends and some great news!

Bliss....bliss....BA-LISSS!!! I'm on my first day of a long weekend and I'm just having the most fab lazy Friday! As I type this it's 11:34, I'm still in my P.J's, listening to my favourite radio station whilst drinking tea ( from my favourite mug) and giving the blog a much needed makeover!......mmmmm this is the life! I think I could be a lady of leisure forever!!

It took me a little while and some patience with my laptop to try and figure out the new additions to blogger but I got there in the end, I do however have to create a new LuckyRainbow banner, something that fits in with the rest of the design.....I shall be testing my photoshop skills to the limit today! :)

I also got some great news today, I applied for the new MA programme in Limerick School of Art & Designs and I got accepted, yea me!.....hmm some serious decision making is required over the weekend!

Hope you're all having a lovely Friday and for those of you heading to the Etsy Cork meeting tomorrow, I shall see you all there!

P.S - tried to upload some nice pictures to accompany this post - but blogger is hating me today! :(

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