15 November, 2012

Limerick Craft & Design Shop

So last Saturday saw me spend my very first day working at the Limerick Craft and Design Shop and guess what...I loved it! I loved working with Erica from Oh Sew Pretty, the support and good luck wishes from the general public and selling beautiful, handmade items for many of the artists who have their work for sale there.You cannot but, get a warm fuzzy feeling when you sell something handmade and more importantly from a local Limerick based artist, its a 100% addictive feeling!

The standard of items for sale is very high and the committee team of six members have done an amazing job over the last ten months negotiating with all the decision makers in the city to get the very best out of the space. So many hard working people have donated many, many unpaid hours and their determination shows in the standard of the work for sale, the beautiful visual display and the overall feel of the shop in general. Such is the standard, I've already purchased what feels like a million things in my head. I want everything and I want it now!

LuckyRainbowDesigns gets it's own stand!

I'm also pleased to say that LuckyRainbowDesigns has a small corner of the shop and I'm so grateful to the team for sourcing a lovely card stand for my items and assisting in selling them too. Its a great feeling to know that someone likes your pieces of work enough to spend a few euros on them and if anything it has spurred me on over the weekend to make even more stock!

I've set myself a huge challenge of making a rather large range of Christmas stock and packs of Christmas card sets. They are of course more pricey than your average set of cards but as always with anything handmade, consider the time and effort put into each item and you'll soon see that they are worth it. I would actually suggest that you adopt this attitude when you're browsing in the shop, however as always, I have found that many artists have under priced some of their items. They are super talented and skilled and the efforts should be priced accordingly, however many can be reluctant to do so in the event it turns away a potential buyer. Handmade means your getting a quality piece of work that someone has lovingly created. Its an investment for you or someone special who appreciates original or unique pieces of work, so lets embrace it!

If you find yourself in lovely Limerick, pop on down to Sarsfield Street just off O'Connell Street and say hello. The bunch of friendly volunteers would love to see you. The shop is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

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