08 November, 2010

23 Days to NYC....

....and so I selected a few NYC themed Etsy items with excitement!

BrooklynBibShop - how cute (and practical!) are these!
Nestahome - Love, love, love cushions! Thats all!
ScarlettBeautiful2 - I've always hearted the idea of NY and even more so the idea of travelling there! i'm defo buying one of those touristy I heart NY T-shirts!!
The Postage Service - When I was about 10, I collected stamps - Yes I was that cool! I had dreams of coming across a penny black and becoming a millionaire!!
SimpleShapes - I also had notions of living in an NYC loft apartment. I didn't want a house, a mansion or a bungalow - just a modern loft apartment with a skyline view....I still kinda want that!


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