16 September, 2010

If I was self - employed.............

..........I would most likely sleep in until 10am, but I'd make up for it by working late. I'd take tea breaks and eat biscuits, stop for a few glimpses of day time TV and take strolls in between work. If I was self-employed I wouldn't have to attend meetings, I'd only have meetings with myself. I would have no one to motivate but myself and targets that personally don't mean anything would be a thing of the past. I would only set agendas for me, myself and I and take minutes at a snails pace.

If I was self employed, holidays and days off could be taken at any time of the year and on call would be a thing of the past. If I was self-employed I would have to pay rent......and......bills.......boooo to that!

If I was self-employed I would most likely continue to day dream, if not on a more regular basis.......thats a good thing, right?

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