06 November, 2009

Still trying to figure it all out!!!

so, for those of you who don't know, creating handmade cards is not my full my job and oh how I wish it was....one day!! For the moment, I'm trying to create the perfect blog, website, facebook business page etc and I'm starting to realise it takes alot of work! and I mean ALOT!! which of course I'm prepared to put in, I'm sure it will be all worth it in the end, but I'm turning into a perfectionist! I've seen all these amazing blogs with all these gadets etc and I just don't know HOW its done!!! I have to say I'm jealous of all you out there who have it figured out!!! any hints of tips are always appreciated!!!

On the Christmas Card front, my work is in demand this season....AND I'm participating in my second craft fair! The Glitz and Sparkle event, Mungret GAA Hall on November 20th - all welcome! Its also for a great cause too! So come along if you're in the area! the next two days will be spent working oh so hard to get some great cards out there! The other half is away for a few days, so I've no excuse not to get some great work done! I'll be sure to upload it all when ready!!!

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