14 October, 2009

Phew!!! this is hard work!!

Phew this is hard work!! designing, photographing, blogging, uploading....you get the picture! I envy those out there who get to do this as their full time job, how wonderful and fullfilling that must be, can I say I'm jealous! Oh so jealous!!! One day I may get to join you all, but for now and as the saying goes "The kids need shoes"

I've been very busy this week, alot of Christmas card and birthday card orders have come in and that wonderful thing 'word of mouth' is slowly but very surely getting my name around the place! I am grateful to you all!!! so THANK YOU!!! :)

Below is a selection of my most recent creations, I really do love making them! Soon, my website will be ready, I am now the proud owner of http://www.luckyrainbowdesigns.com/ - It's not live yet so don't click!!! :)

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