05 April, 2010

New Projects!

First of all, apologies for no photo - my laptop is screaming at me to burn photos from my laptop to CD's in the hope of freeing up some much needed space. When I decided to do this, I soon realised the software I normally use to do this has somehow disspeared from the desktop! We think Robert dumped it while doing some spring cleaning! OOPPS!! - this leaves me in an awful position, I've lots of new listings for etsy and can't get them up for you all to see!! :(

However on a more positive note, its been a productive week. I had two more sales on etsy, I've pretty much secured a large order of 80 - 90 thank you wedding cards for a good friend, and I also secured a smaller order. I've also put some work into completing my Wedding Invitation portfolio to show to perspective clients and I'm pleased with the results so far.....again as soon as I'm sorted and back on my technology feet, I list some images for you all to look at! :)

Also, the new and improved LuckyRainbowDesign studio is up and running - before and after shots soon to follow! Thank you to the wonderful people in IKEA for all things flat back - I shall be back as arnie says! After my wonderful Easter break, I'm back to the full time job tomorrow - however I HAVE to plan and stick to my week as follows:

  • Tuesday evening - Irish class followed by some training for my up and coming 10k run (madness I know!)
  • Wednesday evening - Create some Wedding Thank You samples and get ready for posting
  • Thursday evening - Update my etsy siopa and all things technology
  • Friday evening (its the weekend - hurragh!) - Create, Create, Create with a glass of vino of course!
Ugh....Roll on the weekend! :)


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