09 April, 2010

The Weekend Ahead!

...........so what are you plans for the weekend everyone?

...........as Limerick is due to experience some warm sunshine (yes, I said the word warm and sunshine in the same sentenance!), I can see myself sitting in my flower-less (future summer project) back garden with my dinky white garden furniture sipping a wee white vino whilst sucking up some Vitamin D from our nearest star!
..........in between Vitamin D vino enduced breaks, I shall be working on four wonderful custom orders this weekend, starting right after (I promise) I finish writing this post. I love custom orders and love it more when they love the finished product! (Did I say love enough times??......No?.....love, love, love.....LOVE!)

..........and then finally on Sunday I'll be visiting the varied Bedford Row Market in Limerick to say hello to Ruth of Nice Day Designs, her new brooches are calling me!..maybe I'll fit in a stroll around the peoples park too........and then probably around 7pm, I'll start getting the Monday work blues..........but for now, enjoy the weekend everyone and I hope it's sunny where you are! :)

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