07 April, 2010

At last.....a NEW and ORGANISED Studio Space

.......organised being the operative word in that sentence!

....and so it began, a 7am start "to avoid the traffic" he said, "I wan't be back in Limerick early to watch a match" he said, and then we hit the well travelled road from all corners of Ireland to IKEA! Ever since I knew IKEA was coming to Ireland, I wanted to be there....and to be honest when we did eventutally get there I was so excited I ran in the door like a child running to her presents on Christmas morning! (no joke!)......the goal, a new working and storage space so that I could finally revamp THAT room, the so called LuckyRainbow studio that was "doing my head in" (so to speak) for the last year or so........Lots of um's and ah's could be heard from the home organisation section (A home organisation section!!!!! it doesn't get better then that!)...when finally low and behold I selected my new birch wood huge work station......she is now known as birchy, the huge work station! (brownie points for originality please!).....so drumroll please....as I show you the horrible, gloomy before pictures followed by the beautiful, oh so exciting, a pleasure to work in NEW LuckyRainbowDesign studio!!!! (hear thunderous rounds of applause!)

Before :(

And now.....

Ta DA!!!!!!


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