30 July, 2010

Today I Heart...

....this fantastic moss letter from SimpleSweetDesign on Etsy. Now for those of you who don't know I have a thing and a fascination for letters! So much so that I collect 'R's' as, obviously its the first letter of my name and to me its a strong letter! During college I was intrigued by text and studied artists who worked with text and was also jealous of the graphic design students who got to play around with typography! I quite literally drooled over fonts and today I still have font favourites! I'm a Century Gothic girl at heart!

Does anyone remember the episode of friends when it was thrown back to their college days in the 80's. Ross made a poster for his band, and Chandler was like "cool poster dude!" and Ross says "Yea, I did it on my Macintosh with a little help from Helvatica 16!!".....cracks.me.up! (You have to watch the episode to get a better idea of course!)

I also have a new letter 'R' on order from Little White Dog, an Etsy Ireland seller! I'm really excited about seeing it as Suzie creates them using personal information about you so its going to look amazing! I really want a moss letter 'R' now though! :(

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