31 July, 2010

LuckyRainbowDesigns goes digital!

Today is a GREAT day! An idea, a conversation, a few emails and numerous conversations have come to fruition! Today is the day that the LuckyRainbowDesign website has gone live! Feel free to have a look and a wander around. In essence its a simple, cute, colourful and bright, cheery website that encompasses all that LuckyRainbowDesigns is. It celebrates the spirit of handmade and easily connects you to my Etsy shop, my blog, my tweets and finally my facebook fan page!

What I love most of all, is now everything is linked up and has a home but also there is a strong consistent brand there. For example, the banner you see on this blog is also found on the website and my Etsy shop! Gone are the days where I listed all the places to find me, now all I have to say is "luckyrainbowdesign.com" - How easy is that?

I'm hopping onto the Moo site now to order some new business cards! Ohhh the excitement!


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