02 August, 2010

Guest Blogging!

Hey Everyone!

Hope you're enjoying the last of your bank holiday relaxation if you're in Ireland! and if you're not in Ireland, hope the Monday blues weren't too bad! I'm celebrating the last of my bank holiday Monday with a Chinese (naughty, naughty!) and a soak in a bath filled with bath bombs!

This evening I was lined up to guest blog for the lovely Lola Dee, an Etsy Ireland team member from Cork. Check out her cute accessories and photography here on her etsy shop. She's currently on vacation in Turkey at the mo (not one bit jealous!), but she has left her siopa open for you to browse and purchase! I really enjoyed the idea of guest blogging and someday I'd like to line up some other crafters or artists for the LuckyRainbow blog. Its always good to get a different perspective in life! For those of you interested in the piece I wrote today, feel free to view it here.

I hope you all have an enjoyable week!


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