03 August, 2010


....The art of putting something on the long finger!

.....I'm writing this post as I am hoping upon hope that someone out there has ideas on how to beat procrastination! For I am... I am afraid to say... the worst kind of procrastinator! Picture the scene, I arrive home from the day job around 5.30pm and I know that I've a number of tasks ahead of me, be they work on a few orders, add some new items to my Etsy shop, take a walk or head to the gym...the TV comes on and I say to myself, after this programme I'll start so and so! Said programme ends and I find another excuse.....no I'll start at 8.30pm and work straight until 11pm....

....9pm rolls by and I tell myself, ok I'll get started at 9.30 and then get up an hour earlier in the morning. Bed time arrives and you guessed it I've just sat in front of the TV for the bones of 6 hours and completed nothing! I hate the fact that I put 'things' on the long finger and if I hate it sooo much then why can't I change it?

Any tips out there from any former procrastinators? or are you going to put off leaving a comment until tommorrow? :)


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